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Animals and Prizes Timestamps

Title: Animals and Prizes Timestamps (3.5&4/4)  (You know - I should have called this the x-rated sequel or something, because, seriously, these were NOT timestamps.)
Author: Alsike
Fandom: Victorious
Pairing: Jade West/Tori Vega
Rating: NC-17!!!!!!!!

Summary: Tori Vega is starting an exciting new school, Hollywood Arts, but she has a secret. She's a female alpha, naturally dominant and aggressive.  If anyone finds out, her life will hardly be worth living. In addition, Alphas sense when an omega goes into heat, but that doesn't mean she wants an omega - especially not a girl omega. Biology isn't destiny, right? Jori

Warnings: This is a Knotting world - because knotting is hilarious and kind of gross - so be prepared.  And... maybe a touch of gender politics. 

SOOOO.  This is PORN.  And I feel bad for writing porn about adorable people.  But this whole concept needed some closure, and with knotting fics, closure is KNOTTING.  So, yeah.  Extreme sex fic.  It is here.
Oh, and apparently I needed to get in some of my random Tori's parents backstory stuff, so I posted that too.  

I have one more timestamp which I've already written - which is actually a timestamp, and I think that's going to be all for this.  I have corrupted the youth, and brought knotting into a fandom that needed it not.  My work here is done.

Also - I just had a horrible realization that this was still rated T on FFN.  LOL.  It is no longer T.

Holly & Jade Interlude at FFN

The Over 7000 word Day 1 Heat Sex Fic at FFN (though this may get me banned.)
Tags: animals and prizes, jori, knotting, nc-17, victorious
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