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Scott's Emma 2

Title: Scott’s Emma (Part 2)

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma/Emma, Emma/Scott, Emma/Emily, Emily/JJ

Rating: NC-17

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls.

Word Count: 2703

Prompt: 032. Anal Sex

Apologies: Happy Christmas Eve! And what do good fic readers get for Christmas? Smut!

What do good fic writers get? Hint, hint.

Scott was boring at parties. He didn’t dance, and he preferred to talk to men about threats to world peace, and he didn’t drink. It was repulsive. Luckily, it was Tony’s party, so Emma had plenty of friends.

“Oh Emma, you brought that boring lump with you?” asked Tony, wryly.

“He wanted to spy on you. Introduce me around, I need to find someone to dance with.”

“Mother! I didn’t want to come to this, and you wouldn’t let me bring anyone, and now you’re-“

The older woman put a finger to the other’s lips, silencing her instantly. She didn’t even look to do it, instead she waved to Tony and did something that resembled a curtsey. The younger crossed her eyes to glare at the finger. “Oh, Mr. Stark! My daughter, Emily.”

Tony bowed. “Pleased to meet you, Madmoiselle.”

Emma was straight. She was straight, straight, straight, she told herself. But her name was Emily.

“This is my friend, Emma Frost. Emma, this is the Ambassador and her daughter, Emily Prentiss.”

The younger woman looked at her, all dark eyes and a direct but guarded gaze. For a moment, Emma couldn’t find words. This could not be happening. “Charmed,” she said.

“Emma’s looking for a dancing partner. Interested?”

A flush made the tops of Emily’s cheeks glow red. It was darling.

Emma reached out and took her hand. “Oh please, say yes.”

“A- all right.”

They swept off. There was a little stir, but it was Tony’s party, and there was very little considered out of the ordinary at one of Tony’s parties. Most people who looked recognized her, decided that she had found another victim, and looked away again. Scott didn’t even look over, too involved in his conversation with Nick Fury.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Emily finally asked. “Like I’m something utterly shocking and slightly unnerving.”

“You would probably find it absurd if I told you.”

“It might be less unnerving than waiting for you to pounce.”

Emma laughed. “Well, you see, I… lost consciousness once, a few weeks ago, and I… had a dream.”

“I have the feeling that you’re editing things out.”

Emma considered this. “Do you know who I am?”

Emily looked at her closely. “I only know of the Frost corporation.”

“There’s two. The successful one is mine.”

Emily laughed. “Good to know.”

She was amused. It was… rather pleasant to be near her. It was rather surprising to discover that she was human, but at Tony’s this was not necessarily a mark of disfavor. Her mind was direct and coherent, and she didn’t seem to think anything of import that she didn’t say. Also she had decent, if not opaque shields that made her thoughts muted, and not interject themselves into the conversation.

She also didn’t have to worry about her feet while dancing. This was generally a good sign of coordination. It might be worth giving her a ride. Just to see if that other Emma hadn’t overestimated her capabilities.

“All I will say is that I do occasionally come into contact with rather odd things. In my dream, I met myself, and she told me all about you.”

Emily snorted. “What?”

“Well,” Emma decided to qualify this statement. “She told me about the you that she was fucking.”

Emily pulled away from her, dropping into a defensive position, her hand moving towards her side, but finding nothing there. “Don’t be disgusting-“

Emma, not letting her go, backed her against the wall, pinning her there. “She told me a lot of things that you wouldn’t want me to know. But I’m not trying to offend you. I’m just answering your question.”

Emily held her self stiffly, but she didn’t try to pull away, (or put a fist in Emma’s gut, which she was clearly considering). “You had a dream, and you told yourself about me? About my sexual proclivities?”

“Well, first we argued about whether or not my choice in lovers was repulsive, and then she was shocked that I didn’t know you. She explained why I should at least try you out, and then I managed to weasel out of her that she had fallen in love with you, to a mildly unnerving degree.”

“You sound incredibly stalkerish right now.”

“I never stalked you! This was a fortuitous accident! When Tony said your name… It was quite a surprise. I had thought you were a creation of my imagination, but it seems that I may have actually managed to end up in an alternate universe, at least mentally.”

Emily’s jaw sagged open. “I know where I know you from. You’re an-“

“X-man?” Emma rolled her eyes. “Is this going to be a problem?”

“A problem for what?”

“For hooking up in one of Tony’s guest rooms. Because, honestly, I want to fuck you, if only to evaluate the rest of my double’s information, and if you’re going to get mutant-phobic on me, it won’t be worth the trouble.”

“I’m not mutant-phobic.”

“Some of your best friends are mutants?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. As was my ex-fiancé who I was planning on having children with.”

Emma blinked. “Um, I was under the impression that you were a lesbian.”

Emily waved her hand. “Yes. Not actually relevant.”

“Very true. Back to the topic. Upstairs? Now?”

“I’m in a relationship!”

Emma gave her a look. “That wasn’t a no, exactly, was it?”


“Ooh, still not a no.”

“No! I’m not going to go upstairs and sleep with you!”

Emma cocked her head, considering the mess of complications that was going through her head. “Your girlfriend’s not here, right? If you can really call someone that when you haven’t even slept with her yet. Look, I’m not interested in starting an affair, or building a relationship. My… current, is over there, being boring, and all I want to do is see if the reality is as good as the hype.”

“There was hype?”

Emma smiled. She was intrigued; she was as good as caught. “I think I could do something for you too.”

“I can’t-“

“It’s just one night. No one has to know.”

Emily glanced away at the glistening parquet. “That just sounds like tempting fate.”

“I can make sure that no one knows. I can even make you forget afterwards, if it’s awful.”

“No.” She looked up. “I don’t want that.”

“So you’ll do it.”

Emily froze, caught in her own words, and then she nodded slowly. “All right.”

* * *

It was never easy to have sex with someone you had just met without the aid of the social lubricant (alcohol). And it was clear that Emily was having second thoughts. She was stiff and nervous, but honestly, lovely, in an odd, human, way.

Emma stepped in behind her and put her hand on the zipper of her dress. She pressed a light kiss to Emily’s neck. “We shouldn’t want to get this wrinkled.”

“Try not to mess up my hair.”

Emma laughed quietly as she unzipped her dress and helped her out of it. “I’m not making any promises.”

She seemed embarrassed at being in her underclothes, but the woman had perfect breasts, and a narrow bony frame. It wasn’t superhero-standard, but the toned muscles and occasional scar were quite familiar.

“You’re rather beautiful, you know.”

Emily looked up at her, her eyes wide and innocent. Emma kissed her.

It got easier after that. Emily’s hand slid to her zipper, and then they were on the bed, in their underwear, still kissing. Emma quickly unhooked her bra, and slid her hands over the woman’s breasts.

“God,” she whispered, “Your breasts…”

She dipped her head, nipping at Emily’s neck, kissing her collarbone, and then wrapping her lips around a nipple. Emily’s back arched. “Oh…”

“This all right?”

“Fuck, yes.”

Emma’s fingers slipped between her legs, feeling the heat. Her double hadn’t been joking about pliant, responsive and receptive. Emily lifted her hips, grinding into her fingers. And then her hands, fingers tangled in Emma’s hair, jerked her up until their mouths met once more. There was no hesitation here, just hot wet kisses, tongues entwining, and Emily flipped her onto her back and hovered over her, kissing her roughly as she removed her bra and let her fingers splay over her belly.

And then she was moving down, leaving quick kisses, bites and licks over her breasts and stomach. Her fingers hooked Emma’s underwear and tugged them down and off, tossing them aside. And she bit lightly at Emma’s inner thigh, and then Emma knew that her double had not overstated the situation at all.

Emma was gasping and squirming and then coming again and again with Emily’s mouth, her lips and tongue, and… “Oh, fuck!”

Emily looked up, her lips glistening, and smiling in a sort of self-satisfied, but innocent and hopeful way. “All right?”

“Holy fuck,” Emma mumbled. “Give me a minute, but I have to fuck you senseless.”

Emily laughed, sitting back on her heels. “It’s all right. I mean, you don’t…”

Emma sat up and gave her a look. “Oh, no way. You do not get to win this by martyring yourself.”

“M-martyring?” Emily looked bewildered. “I mean, I enjoy-“

But Emma hooked her by the back of her neck and jerked her down on top of her, her mouth finding Emily’s and tasting herself. Her fingers tucked between her legs, and slid along the damp warmth of her underwear.

“I see you do enjoy it. You’re soaking.”

Emily smirked down at her. “What can I say? Commanding women turn me on.”

“You are a switch.”

Emma wriggled out from under her, leaving her, surprised, and propped up on her hands and knees. She moved behind her and pulled down Emily’s underwear, baring her perfect ass.

“Fuck.” She slid two fingers straight into the deep wetness of it, and Emily stiffened. “Your nails.”

“I won’t hurt you, if you don’t flinch.”

“Oh, fuck.” Emily moved, pressing against her hand, even wetter at that. Emma added a third finger, stretching her, and started a slow easy rhythm. Emily whimpered.

Now for the experiment. She slid her free hand between her own legs, wetting her fingers, and then slid them over Emily’s asshole.

“Oh my god, what are you-“

“She said you’d like this, even if you didn’t know you’d like it.”

“No. There’s no way I will like that.” Then she gasped, and Emma pressed the pad of her finger into her anus. Her body shuddered. “God.”

“Was that a please stop I can’t stand it, ‘god’ or a I can’t believe I never tried this before, ‘god?’”

Fuck me,” Emily hissed.

And Emma obeyed. Her fingers moved quick and rough, in and out of her cunt, and her other hand abandoned Emily’s ass, moving to catch her hip and keep her in place. Emma replaced it with her tongue.

In moments Emily was coming, but Emma wasn’t about to stop. Her arms gave out, and Emily’s face hit the pillow. Emma flipped her briskly, pulling a leg up over her shoulder, and kept fucking her roughly, now with four fingers.

“God, what wouldn’t I give to have a strap on right now. I would take you places you haven’t even imagined.”

“No one’s ever-“ was all Emily managed, before her body betrayed her, and she was coming again. Emma pulled out and slid her wet index finger into Emily’s ass. It was tight, but didn’t resist, and it entered smoothly, up to the first knuckle.

“Don’t-“ Emily whimpered, tears gathering in her eyes.

“Does it hurt?”

Emily shook her head.

“Do you hate it?”

Emily shook her head again.

“It’s too much. I can’t-“

And then Emma started to fuck her finger in and out, and Emily tipped her head back, squirming and clenching at the bedclothes, until she came.

“Nice,” Emma muttered to herself. She was always impressed by girls who could come from just anal. She crawled up to the head of the bed and prodded Emily’s shoulder. She didn’t respond. She reached out with her mind.

Emily had passed out.

“I think I won.”

* * *

Emily did not hook up. She did not have one-night stands. And she most definitely did not cheat when she was in a relationship. When she woke up, naked and thoroughly fucked in a room in Tony Stark’s mansion, she was sure that she had been possessed.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Help me zip up my dress?”

And there was the woman who had fucked her until she passed out. Her thighs were sticky as she pressed them together, and she managed to gain enough motor control in her fingers to work the tiny zipper.

“If you really feel that ashamed, I could make you forget it.”

Emily shook her head, weakly. “No. I deserve the shame. I so rarely have the good fortune to be in a relationship, that I can’t imagine myself blowing it like this.”

“She’s not a telepath, is she?”

“No, human.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “You don’t tell her and you haven’t blown anything, darling. Well, except me.”

Emily laughed. “You made me pass out!”

“Well, I couldn’t let you win.” Emma leaned close as she fastened her bra for her, their lips nearly touching. “And you were damn close with your dirty dirty tongue.”

Emily stuck out said tongue. She licked up Emma’s lower lip and Emma parted her lips, engulfing her tongue with a kiss. Emily’s eyelids fluttered shut as she kissed back.

Emma broke the kiss and Emily sank to the bed.

“Are you all right?”

“I still… feel a little woozy.”

Emma placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head up so she could look into her eyes and past them. She cooled the ethical struggle into a soft resignation and slid back out. “It’s just my irresistible pheromones. Sit there. I’ll dress you.”


Emma glanced at her with an amused expression. “That turns you on?” She shook her head. “Now I know why my double is off her head over you. You just are an endless wealth of unexpected kinks, aren’t you?”

Emily flushed.

Emma located the missing pair of underwear bottoms. “I think… I’ll keep these. They wouldn’t be comfortable now anyways.”


Emma spun and gave Emily a sharp look. “Don’t you dare be ashamed of it. Anyone, who has any appreciation for sex would be proud to own you.”

Own me?”

“Well,” Emma smirked as she gestured for Emily to stand and step into the dress. She zipped it, slowly and leisurely, letting her hands brush over the other woman’s bare skin. “One wouldn’t want anyone else to have you.”

She carefully tidied up her hair and reapplied her make up.

“All right. I think you’re presentable. Less woozy now?”

“I must be developing an immunity to your irresistible pheromones.”

Emma laughed. “Oh, I doubt that.” She fished around in her purse and found a business card and a pen. She scrawled a number on the back. “Here.” She handed the card to Emily. “If you want to get bent over something and properly nailed, call. It’s my private number.”

Emily blinked. “Okay.” She took the card and tucked it away in her bodice.

Emma smiled and ran her thumb over her lower lip. “You are gorgeous. I hope your lover appreciates you.”

It did feel good to be appreciated. Emily rejoined her mother who gave her a pleased smile. “Have you been meeting people, dear?”

“Um… I suppose I have.” The card seemed to burn her skin, and she was very aware of her lack of underwear and the sticky remains of her arousal between her legs.

Emma went up to a man, over six feet, svelte and muscular, with red tinted glasses who greeted her with a kiss. Her stomach twisted. But there was a little flush of pride that came along with the discomfort. A woman like that, with a man like that, wanted me, thought I was worth pursuing.

Sins of pride were something she was so rarely guilty of that it was almost refreshing.

Sins of lust were something else entirely.

* * *

Part 3

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