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 Title: Dream in Motion (and Other Winning Phrases from Songs by Billy Ocean) (3/4)

Author: Alsike

Pairing: Alex/Olivia, Serena/Casey, Alex/F (you tell me who it is)

Rating: NC-17 Warning! Warning! This is really dirty!  The dirty bits start this chapter!
Although there is technically no explicit sexual intercourse in this story, there is sexual contact.  According to the New York State Penal Code "Sexual contact" means any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person for the purpose of gratifying sexual desire of either party. It includes the touching of the actor by the victim, as well as the touching of the victim by the actor, whether directly or through clothing.
And this, my friends, is most definitely explicitly described.

Disclaimer: Dick Wolf, I most deeply apologize for violating and abusing your characters. Actually, you treat them worse than me. So I don't apologize. But they still don't belong to me.

Summary:  This is another of my repulsive AUs that was written purely for pornographic gratification and managed to morph into something more complicated and less sexually fulfilling.  The idea was stolen from </a></b></a>lexus_grey 's Rockstar chart: Principal/Cheerleader.

Monday morning Olivia headed off the janitors from the gym.  “Don’t clean it up.  I have plans for the mess.”

They were bemused, but amiable.

She called an assembly during first period, and the entire school marched into the auditorium.  Olivia stood on the stage and paced from side to side as the brats in uniform filled their seats.  When the room had settled she headed to the podium and leaned into the mike.

“Would Miss Alexandra Cabot please come to the stage.”

Alex, ensconsed in the middle of the back row, felt the blood drain from her face when she heard her name.  She climbed over the other students to get to the aisle and headed down.  What would Olivia do?  She wouldn’t make a statement about the kiss in front of the school just to make sure Alex had no blackmail material, would she?

Alex reached the stage.  Olivia didn’t look at her, which was somewhat comforting.  She reached the podium and Olivia handed her a sheet of paper.

“If Miss Cabot reads your name, please come up to the stage.”

Alex started reading the list of names.  It sounded unfortunately like her guest list, although there were a few people who had probably crashed.

Nearly a third of the school was standing in the orchestra pit below the stage by the time Alex reached the end of the list.  She passed it back to Olivia who smiled at her.  The blush on Alex’s face was involuntary.

“So,” Olivia glanced down into the pit of faces, some worried, some cocky.  “Did all of you have fun on Friday night?”

The fidgeting stilled.

“I had a good time seeing you all at Alex’s party.  The beer was good too, and plenty of it, eh?”

There was much suspicious glancing.  Olivia looked up at the rest of the audience.

“I’m sorry you all weren’t invited.  I suppose you’re not Alex’s special friends.”

Alex was hiding her face behind her hand.

“It really was a great party.  You know how you can tell?  Because of the mess.”  Olivia glanced at Alex.  “I bet it was a brainstorm to hold the thing in the gym.  You didn’t have to clean up your house before your parents got home, and instead of just blaming it on a brother if you get caught, you have three hundred other suspects.”

Alex nodded wryly.

“Well, I’m sorry.  This time you got caught.”  Olivia gave a glare at the students in the pit.  “You all got caught.  And now you get your reward.  You get to clean the gym.”

*            *            *

Alex was assigned on the toilet scrubbing crew.  The bathrooms were particularly disgusting from the people who couldn’t hold their liquor.  Alex had to hurry into one of the stalls to puke in sympathy, as did a few others.  The work was two steps forward, one back.  And every time one of her fellows snubbed her, and then later, in the halls, when the students who hadn’t been invited singled her out to turn and laugh, she got more and more angry.  By the end of school she was seething, and the moment the final bell rung she stormed down the hall and into Olivia’s office.

“What were you thinking, singling me out like that?  I called their names.  I’m like a narc!”

Olivia looked up in surprise when she stormed in, but only chuckled at her words.

“And then the bathrooms!  God, I can’t even think about it without…”  Alex pushed her hands against her mouth and shook her head until the urge to vomit dissipated.

“Why?  Why did you do this to me?”

Olivia looked at her steadily for a long moment.  She was in her gym clothes, and her hair was stringy from the post scrubbing shower, sans blow dry.  She didn’t seem angry either, just exhausted and shaking.  It was exactly what she had wanted.

“Because I wanted to humiliate you.”

“Do you hate me that much?”

“You made my life miserable.  You undermined my authority at every turn.  I needed to do something.”

“And rejecting me wasn’t enough?  You didn’t want to just break my pride, but have the entire school cut me dead as if I were a traitor, and then deal with bodily fluids?  Do you have any idea how many times I threw up this morning?”

Olivia couldn’t restrain her giggle and Alex saw red.  She was in front of Olivia in a second and was lashing out, her palm stinging from where it had contacted Olivia’s cheek.

Olivia touched her face slowly, then stood slowly, looking Alex in the eye.

“Don’t do that.”


In a second Olivia had Alex’s wrists pressed up over her head against the wall.  “You will not hit me.  You will not touch me without my permission.  Do you understand?  You will learn your place.”

Alex was gulping down air.  She had never been controlled like this.

“I’ve had enough of your attitude.”  Olivia reached over and clicked the lock on the door.  Alex watched in trepidation.  She heard the sound of the busses leaving.  “Did you understand why what you did was bad?”

Alex nodded nervously.  Olivia was acting a bit psychotic.

“Do you think you should be punished for it?”

“Um, yes?”

“Yes what?”

“Yes… please?”

Olivia started to laugh and Alex leaned back against the wall, watching her curiously.  “I like that one,” she said, once she had caught her breath.  “However, it’s not exactly what I was going for.  It’s clear you’ve never done this before, so I’m going to lay down the rules.  Our relationship seems to have gotten confused somewhere.  I am the principal of the school.  Headmistress if you prefer.  And you will call me Ms. Benson, or Ma’am.  There will be no ‘Olivias.’  I am sure that is what led to your ‘embarrassment’ Friday night.”

Alex nodded, hugging herself nervously.

“What do we say?”

“Um, yes?”

“I think we’ve covered that the answer isn’t ‘yes please.’”

“Yes, ma’am?”

Olivia grinned like a cat.  “Yes, please.”

For the first time in her life, Alex felt like she had gotten in over her head.  Olivia licked her lips, and Alex’s heart started to pound.

Olivia sauntered over to the armless chair in front of the desk and settled into it.  Then she beckoned Alex over.  Alex walked stiffly and stood in front of her.  Olivia patted her lap.  Alex didn’t move.

“Drape yourself here.  I thought we agreed you needed a punishment.  In fact, I think your answer was ‘yes please.’”

Alex glanced around uncomfortably.

“Pull down those shorts first.”

“What?  No way!”

Olivia fixed her with a look.  “Do what I say.”

“No.  I can’t.”

Olivia reached out and caught the hem of her shirt, dragging her forward.  “Do it now, or I’ll do it for you.”

Alex shook her head stiffly.  Olivia hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts.  “Please don’t.”

Olivia jerked the shorts down to her knees.  It was suddenly obvious why Alex had been so resistant to the idea.  She obviously hadn’t had any clean underwear to put on after the shower.  Olivia stared into the triangle of neatly trimmed hair, and then up at Alex’s face, turning a furious red.  She couldn’t help the amused smirk, and a look of pure anguish showed up on Alex.

“Bend over.”  Olivia tugged Alex down to lie across her lap, her white ass facing the sky.

“What are you going to do?”  Alex’s voice was barely a murmur.  Olivia patted her bottom.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never been spanked before.”

“I… haven’t.”

“No wonder you’re such a brat.”

Olivia felt a sob choke though Alex’s chest.  She hadn’t even touched her and she was already crying.  She rubbed her hand in a circle on her back.

“You’re not a terrible person.  But you are a brat.  You know I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t care.”

“What?”  Alex’s voice was choked and teary.

“I like you.  This is for your own good.”

And Olivia brought her hand down on Alex’s ass.  It wasn’t very hard.  Alex yelped, and Olivia grinned.  She continued warming her up.  After the first few she stopped yelping, but Liv could feel her clinging to her leg.  After her bottom was nice and warm, Liv ran her hand over it, cupping each cheek.  Her other hand rested on the nape of Alex’s neck, keeping her head down.  Liv felt Alex twitch in a different way at the light caress.  Her lack of underwear made it too tempting just to check and see if she was turned on.  She gave in to the impulse.  Her fingers dipped between Alex’s legs and came out thickly wet.  She felt Alex cringe and tapped her head twice.

“This is a punishment.  It’s not supposed to turn you on.”

Only a whimper came in response to that.

“Lets try to do better this time.”

Olivia started in with a firmer hand.  This time Alex thought she knew what to expect, and yelled in shock when Liv’s heavy hand came down on her sensitive bottom.  Liv kept on hitting her, steady but quick, with no time to recover in between.  The yells turned to grunts and then to sobs.  Alex’s back was shaking, and she was crying in earnest, by the time Liv had reached the end of her twenty count.  She rubbed her hand gently over her inflamed ass.

“You’re a good girl, aren’t you Alex?”

“Please don’t do it again.”

“I think you’ve paid in full for your little mistake, haven’t you?”

Alex just cried, not even attempting to move from her lap.

Liv pulled Alex up and cradled her in her arms.  “Hey, you’re okay, right?  I didn’t hurt you too much?”

Alex shook her head, but still hid her face.  Olivia stroked her hair.

“You were very good.  You didn’t cry to be let off once.”

“Would you have let me go?”


Alex peeked out from behind her hands.  “I didn’t think so.”  A slight smirk was crossing her face.  Olivia grinned in return, then she leaned in and captured Alex’s lips.  Olivia could taste her surprise.  It was delicious.  When she broke the kiss, short and chaste, Alex was staring at her, looking entirely lost.  Olivia wound her fingers through her hair.

“You’re my good girl, aren’t you Alex?”

“Y-yes,” Alex said, weakly.  Then she smiled.  “Yes, Ms. Benson.”  And she tucked her head under Olivia’s chin, and let herself be held.

*          *            *  

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