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Loveaholic 3

Title: Loveaholic

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: R

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls.

Apologies: I am doling this out in small chunks. Hopefully I will finish my papers soon and I can get back to work on my sagas.

Summary: Sometimes the plans you make have a chance to become real. What if what you thought you wanted isn't enough?

Emma didn’t realize exactly why she had been so desperately curious about Sam and Susan’s family until Sam came up to her desk after class let out and smiled.

“I really liked Kidnapped!. Can you tell me any more that are like it?”

It was his smile, exactly like his mother’s, and Emma felt mildly ill. “Of course. You don’t mind if they’re difficult?”

“Was this one supposed to be difficult?”

Emma laughed. “I’ll write you a few recommendations.”

He smiled again. “Um… I’m having a game this Saturday. Susan is too, after me. Just if you wanted to come.”

Emma sat back. “I’ll see if I have time. Thank you for inviting me.”

She knew she was going. If anything, she had to find out more about that family.

It was a chilly morning, and she felt a little awkward being at the pitch with the cluster of parents in their macs, but there were quite a few students she recognized, some who pulled their parents up to introduce her.

And then they arrived. Emily slipping out of the car from the driver’s side, Sam in his jersey and shorts, his boots dangling from his hand as he hopped up and down, ready to rush off. Susan, more sedate, a book under her arm. And then two men, one tall, dark haired, and good looking, (something about the lines of his face reminded Emma of Susan. Sam was entirely his mother.) and a smaller man, soft hair, lighter, with an easy smile and a way of walking with his shoulders curled in that made him seem wounded.

Then Sam spotted her and ran over. “You came!”

He dragged her over to Emily who looked at her, a little shocked and very uncomfortable.

“She gave me a book, and it was really good, and I invited her to come!” he was explaining, and the tall dark man smiled and stuck out his hand.

“I’m Michael.”

And Emma hated him. She slipped away as soon as she could.

* * *

“You’re going to have to be the last word on this one, Ems,” Michael started, wiggling his eyebrows. “But is she… incredibly, incredibly fit?”

Emily glowered at him and stormed away.

Emma was leaning against the side, watching the game. She wasn’t attracted to her. She wasn’t interested in being attracted to her. But she had come for her son’s game. Emily needed to apologize.

“Um… Excuse me.”

Emma glanced over at her. “Yes?”

And now she knew where her daughter had picked it up from. She swallowed hard. It was even more intimidating full size. “I wanted to thank you. I didn’t expect you to give Susan such a…”

“Immoral and atheistic definition of sin?”

Emily chuckled weakly. “You could put it that way.”

Emma cocked her head and looked at her. “I’m sorry if I was brusque with you. She seemed very hurt by the idea of being involved in something others would find sinful. But once I comforted her, I realized that I needed to make certain that I hadn’t just made her feel more comfortable in a truly dangerous situation.”

Emily shook her head. “It’s not a dangerous situation.”

“No, not for her,” Emma said blandly.

Emily gave her a sharp look. “Who for?”

“For you.”


“Your husband is a faggot and you’re living with his lover.”

Emily stiffened. “How dare you-“

“Am I wrong?”

“You had better not use words like that around my children!”

Emma looked surprised. “Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. I thought you were a victim, but you went in with your eyes wide open.”

Emily blinked, shocked and tense. “I’ve… I’ve never had someone guess. Even if they understand part of it-”

“He’s more obvious than you.” Emma gave her a long slow look. “But you’re the same.” She laughed. “God, what made you think this was a good idea? You wanted babies that badly?”

“It was a perfect idea,” Emily snapped. “I have everything I wanted. I have a family. A real family, who love me. Do you have that?”

Emma stepped back from her vehemence. “I’m not going to criticize you if you’re happy.”

“I am happy,” Emily said, frustrated and angry. “Why does no one believe me?” She turned and walked away. Emma watched her go.

* * *

Emma wasn’t interested in people, as people. But she was interested in Emily. She could tell because usually she could control her tendencies to be an asshole enough to not make someone throw her out and storm off in within a minute and a half both times they had met. But this time she intended to be different.

It was parent teacher night, and she had been vaguely hoping to see her again, but it was Michael who walked through the door. She frowned.

“Hey,” he smiled, a hint of shyness in what was probably considered disarming to most. Emma wasn’t disarmed. She considered beginning an arms race.

“Mr. Fleetwood.”

He gave her a sidelong glance. “Did I do something to you?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Well, a lot of people have looked at me like I’m a bug at one point or another, but Emily said you understood.”

“I understand, it doesn’t mean that I think it’s wonderful.”

“You think that faggots can’t raise children?”

“Mr. Fleetwood. Your children are some of the best in my class. Susan has always been at the top, and Samuel is quickly catching up now that I have found something that holds his attention. If I had ever though that, it would be simply disproved. I hold no rancour towards your family. I just don’t like you.”

He blinked. “Don’t you think you should get to know me first?”

“I don’t believe that’s necessary.”

He laughed. Emma sat up stiffly. She hadn’t meant to be amusing.

“I can’t say you’re the only one who’s disliked me before they’ve got to know me. But usually I can figure out why. Most people didn’t like me because I was a punk, a goth punk. It made them uncomfortable because they weren’t sure if I was going to cut someone or start to cry. Emily’s mother hates me because she thought I was taking care of her daughter, and then she found out that I wasn’t doing a very good job.”

Emma scowled, and Michael looked surprised. “Is that… why? Emily is a grown woman who makes her own decisions. And she’s my wife. That may not mean anything to you, but to me that means that whatever problems we’re having, whatever arguments, they are our business, and it’s my responsibility to make sure she is happy.”

“And if she’s not?”

“Then it’s a problem I have to solve.”

“And you’re not going to leave her for your lover?”

He gave her a stern look. “No. I love Matt, and I think Emily deserves to have someone like that in her life, but we made a choice, a decision, years ago, that no matter who we fell for, or who we wanted to take a risk on, we would not jeopardize our family. Leaving isn’t an option.”

Emma considered him for a long moment. “All right. I understand.”

He gave a short nod. “Can we talk about my kids now?”

“Lets do that.”

* * *

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