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 Title: Dream in Motion (and Other Winning Phrases from Songs by Billy Ocean) (2/4)

Author: Alsike

Pairing: Alex/Olivia, Serena/Casey, Alex/F (you tell me who it is)

Rating: NC-17 Warning! Warning! This is really dirty!
Although there is technically no explicit sexual intercourse in this story, there is sexual contact.  According to the New York State Penal Code "Sexual contact" means any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person for the purpose of gratifying sexual desire of either party. It includes the touching of the actor by the victim, as well as the touching of the victim by the actor, whether directly or through clothing.
And this, my friends, is most definitely explicitly described.

Disclaimer: Dick Wolf, I most deeply apologize for violating and abusing your characters. Actually, you treat them worse than me. So I don't apologize. But they still don't belong to me.

Summary:  This is another of my repulsive AUs that was written purely for pornographic gratification and managed to morph into something more complicated and less sexually fulfilling.  The idea was stolen from </a></b></a>lexus_grey 's Rockstar chart: Principal/Cheerleader.

Alex had been showing up for detention every day this week.  Olivia found this activity even more suspicious than her usual diffident disregard for rules.  She doubted admitting the fact that she was a puppet and then using her mother against her would impress someone like Alex.  It didn’t impress Olivia much.  Had she turned into a tattletale?  If you’re bad again I’ll tell your mom and she’ll give you a spanking!  How childish. 

But she really wasn’t trained for this.  A counselor wasn’t supposed to be disciplinarian.  She knew as well as anyone that discipline was about respect.  They had to give you the power to terrorize them.  In other situations the answer was much simpler.  Alex was a snobby little rich girl who had never dealt with anything real in her life.  Certainly she could catfight with the best of them, but she’d never taken a real whooping.  She would crumble with one direct hit to her pretty face, and then she would get up and go straight to the police.  It was clear that this was not an option.  There was really only one way to break a troublemaker like her: humiliation.

*            *            *

“Hey, Casey.”

Casey glanced up from her book, spotting Alex, and letting a flash of terror show on her face, before restraining it and trying to smile.  “Um, hi?”

Alex shook her head.  Serena had a lot of work to do on this one.  “I just wanted to let you know about the party on Friday.”

Casey was eyeing her suspiciously.

“You know about it, right?  It starts at midnight, in the gym.”

“That’s kind of late.”

Alex shrugged.  “All the security’s gone by then.  Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you’re invited.”

“Are you sure?”

That was blunt.  Casey looked blatantly incredulous, and Alex found herself appreciating the straightforward attitude of the girl.  She flashed a grin.

“I’m sure.  Serena’s really hoping you’ll come.”

Then she spun on her heel and left the library, appreciating Casey’s bewilderment.  She would never find the girl attractive, but she could appreciate the cute.

*            *            *

Olivia opened her email to find a message from a numbered address, with a subject line that read “FYI.”

She opened it and read: “Dear Ms. Benson,

“I thought you might like to know about the party that Alexandra Cabot is planning to hold at midnight on Friday in the school gym.  Local boys are invited, and alcohol flows like water.  It happens every year since Cabot started.  I’m sure you already know how much trouble she is.

“The Good Fairy.”

This was one of the stupidest messages Olivia had ever received, but if Alex was having a party on school grounds this weekend, it would explain her docility this week.

*            *            *

Alex found Serena in their usual place on the bleachers during lunch.

“Casey has been invited,” she pronounced regally.

Serena grinned.  “I invited Ms. Benson.”


Serena cracked up.  “Just kidding.”  Alex thwacked her.  “Kidding!”

“You’d better be.”

“The last thing we need is the principal showing up at the party.”  Serena shook her head.  “But come on, Lexi, don’t tell me you would mind particularly if she showed up and wanted to party.”

“I could just see that.  She’s legal, maybe she can bring a keg.”  Alex rolled her eyes.

“She’s only twenty-six, right?  She’s probably bored out of her mind in this town.  She’s been here three years with no nightclub and only a testosterone soaked sports bar for entertainment.”

“Are you really trying to encourage me to invite the school principal to the most alcohol soaked party of the year that we hold on school grounds?”

“No, I’m just inquiring about what you would do if your bit o’ rough showed up and wanted you to treat her nicely.”

“’Bit of rough?’  Where do you get these terms?”

“You can’t say that’s not why you’re into her.  She’s tough enough to push you around, but basically, she’s vulnerable.  She can’t compete with you economically, and you can always cry molestation and fuck up her life for good.  And that’s what gets you off.”

Alex’s face went slack.  She had never thought of it in quite those terms.  It took all the fun out of it.  She liked using her power to make Olivia frustrated and angry.  She was the student.  She was supposed to be the one who could get in trouble.  Sure she said that she could get Olivia fired, but seriously, not for giving her detention.  Her mom couldn’t care less if Alex got suspended unless her friends found out.  But if she lied it would be far too easy to send Olivia to jail.

“Alex?”  Serena prodded her in the side, but she was too absorbed in her own thoughts to care.

“What would I have to do to get her to trust me?”

“What?”  Serena stared at her blankly.  “You mean Ms. Benson?  Why would you want her to trust you?”

Alex shook her head, and rested her forehead in her hand.  “Ignore that, please.  I don’t know what I’m thinking.”

Serena frowned.  “Alex, how into Ms. Benson are you?  Do you really want to go somewhere with this, or is it just a fantasy?”

Their eyes met and it was easy for Serena to read the worry and tension in her best friend’s expression.  She pulled Alex into an awkward hug.  “You really like her, honey?  I’m sorry for teasing.”

“You really shouldn’t be.  How can I like her?  I’ve never had a non antagonistic conversation with the woman.”

“Well,” Serena tapped her chin thoughtfully, “You seem to be in the same boat as me.”

*            *            *

Olivia glanced at her outfit one more time in the mirror before starting out the door.  God, where had she come up with this stupid idea anyway?  Well, she knew.  It had come from the line “local boys are invited.”  She tugged her cap down a little farther over her eyes, and hiked up her baggy jeans, hoping she wouldn’t lose them entirely.

It was almost one.  The party should be going strong.

The side door by the gym was open.  Inside was dark, but it wasn’t silent.  When Liv stepped into the dimly lit cavernous room, she realized that no one was likely to recognize her.  The place was mad, a boom box pounding everyone’s ears with unrelenting rock and hip-hop.  The floor was sticky and slick with spilled beer.  In the area near the speakers one of the dancers shrieked as she tripped, fell and was trampled.

On the opposite side of the gym the bleachers had been pulled out.  Olivia pulled out her notebook.  She would start there.

Couples were curled into the bleachers, making out, and in one case all out fucking.  Olivia jotted down the names of her students.  Luckily it was a small enough school for her to know most everyone.  She put a checkmark by the name of the girl who was involved in intercourse; she would probably need an extra lecture.  On the end was Kathy Waters making out with a boy wearing the exact same hat as Olivia.  She was about to head along the far wall when she caught sight of movement underneath the bleachers.  Liv doubled back for a closer look.  Was that Serena?  And … Casey?  Olivia nearly dropped her notebook.  She didn’t think the kid had it in her, but she was pinning the older girl against the wall.  She shrugged and jotted down their names.  No playing favorites tonight.

But the sight of Serena had made her wonder about the whereabouts of Alex.  Somehow Liv couldn’t picture her enmired in the dance pit of doom over there, or in the group of idiots over by the keg.  She figured she’d find the ringleader eventually.

It had taken ages to be sure that she had all the names from the dance pit.  Six pages of her notebook were covered.  She was mostly certain that she had tracked down and labeled every St. Teresa’s girl in the gym, but she hadn’t seen Alex.

The door to the left of the dance pit was open and Olivia slipped out there.  A group of smokers stood in the small, protected alcove near the dumpsters.  Olivia held her breath as she took down names, and thought it was lucky that smokers lost their sense of smell.  Still no Alex, but she thought she saw a glimpse of a figure in between the tennis wall and the generator.  She started in that direction and one of the smokers called out to her.

“Dude.  The princess doesn’t want any company.”

Olivia started.  This was the first time she had been addressed, besides a drunken proposition to dance that could as easily have been aimed at the wall.

“I think,” Olivia replied, faking a masculine tone, “that she won’t mind seeing me.”

The smoker shrugged as if to say, ‘it’s your funeral,’ and left her alone.

Olivia tucked the notebook into her jacket and headed over to behind the tennis wall.

“Hey, princess.”

Alex was standing there, her arms crossed, gazing listlessly over the hockey field and towards the woods.  She turned quickly, a sharp expression crossed her face as she readied to make the intruder’s life a misery, but she stopped before a single word fell from her open lips.  Surprise enveloped her face.


Olivia hadn’t expected to be recognized so easily.  It was dark and the dingy light that came from the streetlight posted behind the school was less than a moon would have provided.  And she hadn’t expected her first name to fall from Alex’s lips, especially not in that tone.

“For a party you planned, it doesn’t look like you’re having a very good time.”

“No,” replied Alex.  Her expression was odd.  She seemed to be studying Olivia intently, but distractedly, as if there was too much going on in her head.  Was she drunk?

Alex took two steps forward, dropping her hands.  She was wearing a shimmering silvery tank top and tight black jeans.  Compared to some of the ensembles Olivia had seen in the gym, she was very tastefully and restrainedly dressed.  But in the dim light her hair and skin also looked silver and cold.  She seemed like a statue made of ice.  She was motionless as well, frozen.  There was no resemblance between this girl and the scratching, spitting wildcat she had pulled off of Abbie earlier in the week.  She seemed years older and tired.  The lurch inside was unexpected.  Why should she want to hold this girl, and reassure her?  That was absurd, that was-

Ice moved, liquid, and lips chilled by the night air pressed against hers, hot breath.  Alex was kissing her.

Alex’s hands were curled around her face, holding her tightly, thumbs rubbing along Olivia’s cheekbones.  Olivia’s hands slipped involuntarily around her narrow waist, her fingers splayed over her hips.  Alex’s kisses were intense, open mouthed, and desperate.  Olivia could barely keep up with her, and fend off her questing tongue.  Her mouth tasted sharply of beer.  Suddenly ice-cold concrete impacted her back, and she realized that Alex had pushed her up against the tennis wall.  Alex was sucking at her neck and icy hands were sliding under her shirt.

That was all the impetus needed for Olivia to push Alex away from her.  She might be dressed like a teenager, but she was not a teenager.  Alex was a student, a grasping, selfish student, who would never hesitate to use anything against her.

Olivia caught Alex’s shoulders and shoved her forcefully away.  She stumbled back, and Olivia actually thought she saw hurt on her face.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The hurt was quickly replaced with anger.  Olivia was on more comfortable ground with that.

“You kissed me back.”  Alex was boiling now.  She looked mussed and unhappy.  Olivia would never mistake her for an ice statue now.  “You can’t say you didn’t kiss me back.”

“You’ve had too much to drink.”

“Well, what are you doing?  Crashing your students’ parties in disguise!  Looking for illicit hookups!”

“Looking for troublemakers,” said Olivia quietly.  “And I think I found the biggest one.”

“Fuck you!”

“Stop being so childish!”

Alex glared at her, the whites of her eyes glinting in the half-light.  “Childish?”

“What else should I call it?  Babyish?  Infantile?  You kissed me and I rejected you.  Deal with it like an adult and don’t try and look for ways you can spin this so it will hurt me.  You can’t hurt me.  I don’t care if you get me fired.  This job is the shittiest job I have ever had, and the worst part of it is you.”

Alex stood shaking in the cold night air.  “I could send you to jail.  I could say you…”

“You’re eighteen, honey.”  Alex winced at the sarcasm in Olivia’s voice.  “And you have no proof, unless you’ve got one of your lackies out here with a camera, and since last I checked your wingman was macking on her girl under the bleachers, I think that wasn’t part of your plan.”

“You’ve been arrested before!”

“For being in a protest.”

“You punched a policeman!”

“It happens in protests.”  Olivia took a threatening step forward.  “I’m not going to do it now.”

Alex stiffened.

“It looks like someone’s been doing their homework.”

“Someone had to know what kind of person you were.”

“Yeah.  And after finding all this out you’ve decided that I’m the type you want to fuck?”

The cringe was too obvious.  Olivia was stunned by that admittance.  She had expected Alex to recover faster.  Maybe it was an experimental kiss, maybe manipulative, but not honest.  Alex had made her life hell for the whole year; she couldn’t… want her, could she?  God the whole concept was so high school.  Olivia couldn’t deal with this.

“Well, I don’t want the same with you,” Olivia snapped and turned back towards the school.  “Be on time for Monday.  You don’t want to miss it.”

*            *            *

Sleep was a long time coming for Olivia that night.  Alex kept flashing through her head: icy, scowling, spitting, passionate, and that one moment of open vulnerability when Liv had pushed her away.  God, she knew she should never have let herself consider Alex attractive, but all the fantasies about putting her over her knee and making her cry wouldn’t leave her alone.

Her hand slipped down between the waistband of her pajamas and she let herself think of Alex’s hair wild and mussed, her lipstick smudged and imperfect.  The guilt and disgust overwhelmed her afterwards, but at least she could sleep.

*            *            *

“How are you supposed to talk to someone that you made out with at a party?”

Alex groaned.  She couldn’t deal with Serena’s whining, not after the debacle with Olivia the night before.  “I thought the point of the party was so that you could talk.”

“I couldn’t think of anything to say.”  Serena flopped onto the bed next to Alex.  “I brought her a beer, and she looked at me as if I was going to attack her.”

“So you did?”

“I drank most of my beer in one go and then sort of leaned against the wall.”

“For how long?”

“Maybe an hour.”

Alex groaned even more emphatically.  “God, you are such a loser.  You can’t say one word to her, yet you cannot shut up in my presence.”

“She kept on looking at me and chewing on her lip like she wanted to say something.”

“She struck me as a rather blunt person.  I’m surprised she didn’t get it out.”

“Oh, she did.  She asked me why you had told her that I wanted her to come.”

Alex grinned.

“So I stammered for what felt like five minutes, and then I think she decided to cut her losses and kissed me.  I dropped my beer on her shoes.  But they were incredibly bad shoes, so it was ok.”

Serena was grinning like an idiot and Alex was mulling over ways of killing her slowly.  She stared at her fingers clenching and releasing the bedspread and grit her teeth.

“I kissed Olivia.”

Serena had just taken a sip of diet coke and choked, foam shooting out her nose.  Alex leapt up and pushed Serena off her bed.

“Oh my god!  You are so gross!”

“No way!  You tell me that you made a move on Ms. Benson and expect me to just take it calmly?”

“Well, it was useless.  She rejected me in no uncertain terms.”

“I’m sorry, Alex.”

“Please don’t be.  It’s just my weird issues with authority cropping up again.  I’m glad it’s over.”

“It’s over?”

“Entirely.  I am over Ms. Olivia Benson.  So over.  I could not be more done with this in a hundred years.”

*            *            *

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