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Bicker 2

Title: Bicker pt 2

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: NC-17

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls. 

Word Count: 2614

Prompt: 035. Blow Job/Going Down

Apologies: Yeah, this is the obligatory(?) Princeton Eating Club AU.  If you don't know what Eating Clubs are, think Hellfire Club for college students.  And now you understand the premise.  Bicker is the system for picking new members to let into the club.

It seems to be getting longer.  This is mostly plotish stuff.  At least one more part, which might have another prompt associated with it.  :)  Maybe 026?  or 041?

Part 1

The final decision was up to the council.  They dressed, and while the other members cleaned up and got the decorations back into daytime standard, they gathered in the officer’s quarters and tallied the results.  The ones who had had to be roofied were already tossed out, and the ones who scored less than an average of two points were fed to the shredder.  But there were twenty left.

Enthusiastic and good sport was usually more important than successful, but there were only six who were easily shoo-ins.  The rest were all some mix of embarrassment or inability.  Embarrassment was usually more surmountable than inability.

“And then there’s her.”  Everyone looked at Emily.  “Emma Frost.”

Emily tipped her head and raised an eyebrow.  “Is that her name?”

Sebastian chuckled.  “You are so awesome.”  He had been the one encouraging the use of the cross.

“I don’t want her in,” snapped Jeannie. 

Elizabeth nodded vehemently.  “She’s a boyfriend stealer and a whore.”

McCoy blinked vaguely.  “Is this a problem?”

“Look,” Jeannie glared at him.  “We’re exclusive for a reason, and letting her in will bring us down.  She is not our class, and she doesn’t even pretend to be.  I know you want to fuck her, but seriously, do you think she’ll follow our rules?  She is not worthy of the opportunities that we could give her, and she will infect us and destroy us if we let her in.”

The rules that Jeannie were so worried about basically boiled down to the one thing that made their club more exclusive than any other and the one piece of information that could never get out.  During the school year all the members of the club were only allowed to have sex with other club members.  Part of it was simply a safety precaution, but part of it was to reinforce their status as a separate breed from the other students.  If they were never seen to be dating anyone outside their group it made their group seem special and elevated.

Sebastian twisted his lips.  “But can we really fail her?”

Emily nodded.  “She did everything we asked of her.  We evaluate people based on their lack of inhibition and we’re going to reject her?”

“Is she gay?” asked Roberto curiously.  “Should we have done something else?”

“I’ve never heard of her being with a woman, not even dancing with one to tease,” said Sebastian, shrugging.

“As if any woman would let her,” Elizabeth sneered.  “In their right mind at least.”  She gave Emily a nasty look.

“She passed.  There’s nothing else I can say.”

“Oh, please.  How would you know how good she is?  You haven’t even had sex in nearly a year.”

“I was trained.”  Emily replied flatly.  “I know exactly how good she is.  I could name every fucking technique she used.”

Everyone looked uncomfortable.  Selene had been a little much, even for that kind of club.

Jeannie glared at her.  “You bring her in here and you’re responsible for what happens.”

“You’re worried about her not following the rules, right?” inquired Sebastian.  “How about we put her on restriction?  That way, at least, we can tell.”

“Oh,” said McCoy, glancing back to Emily.  “Like what Selene did with you.”

Emily had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.  “What did she do?”

“It’s in the basic contract.”  He pulled out a copy and put on his glasses.  “There.  At entrance any member of the club may select an entering member as their ‘possession.’  If a claim of possession has been officially submitted the claimant may institute a list of rules regarding his or her possession that must be followed by all fellow club members.”

Jeannie stared at the clause in horror.  “Oh my god.  Who put that in?”

McCoy looked vaguely guilty.  “That would be Selene again.  It was before my time, but Hotch told me about it when he gave me the handbook.”

“She claimed me?” Emily half squeaked.

“Yeah.  The list of rules she submitted was basically that no one was allowed to touch you without her permission.  Um, also that if you made an attempt to initiate, er, sexual contact with anyone else in the club, they would immediately recuse themselves and report the incident to her.”

Emily gulped.  She was suddenly incredibly glad that she had never attempted to cheat while she was with Selene.  She had pretty nasty ideas about punishment.

“She had rules for you, right?”

“Of course.”  Emily wrinkled her nose.  “She had rules about everything.”

“She had complete control of you sexually,” said Elizabeth musingly.  “I think that might actually work.  If we can keep her within bounds, then our club doesn’t have to lose that mouth.”  She smiled slyly.

Jeannie nodded slowly.  “Anyone who wants to fuck her has to go through you, and she has to get your permission to fuck anyone else.  You have to make sure she obeys though, but Selene was a paranoid schitzo, so I’m pretty sure she had ways to make sure you weren’t straying.”  She smiled tightly and fixed Emily with her stare.  “You have to make her one of us.  If she’s going to be in our club she had better walk like us, talk like us, and think like us, before school starts next fall.”

“What?”  Emily suddenly realized she had missed a key point.  “Me?”

McCoy put something uncomfortably familiar in her hand.  It was her old collar.  “You’ve been through it.  You’re the only one who knows how.”

*            *            *

Hosing happened early that morning.  The members were given their lists and they went around waking up the rejected by banging on their doors and then dousing them with pitchers of ice cold water.  It sucked, but at least it sucked with panache.  It was also a good time to make sure the ones who had been in the final round weren’t going to go to the police.

(They only rarely had to tell the story of the one kid who had gone to the police.  It had been thrown out of court and his parents lost their jobs and he had to leave school.  You didn’t want to fight their club.  They had connections everywhere.)

Pick-ups and initiations weren’t until the next week, but before then every accepted student had to meet with the officers to go over the contract.  The ones who had bickered were never surprised when they were told that part of the requirements to join the club were the pledge to only find sexual partners among fellow club members and an up to date physical that included a VD exam.  It was the legacies that were trouble.  They were told flatly that the contract had been like this when their parents were here (which may or not have been true, but their parents, when asked, would at least understand why the contract was written as it was).  And the ones who were incredibly obtuse and hadn’t already picked up on the hints that members-only parties at this club were different from the ones at every other Eating Club, were given firm hints (nothing that couldn’t be denied later) that clearly implied what these restrictions were for.  If they still didn’t get the hint or were very displeased with the restriction they were given a gentle push towards the door, and a suggestion that they might find a sign in club more to their taste.

If they didn’t sign the contract they were not invited to initiations.  If they did, and changed their mind after initiations, they were legally obligated to sign a confidentiality agreement and pay a forfeit.

Everyone else had to pay the $400 entry fee for initiations.  The final price came to $9000.  It was not the highest on the Street.

“Are you serious,” Emma snapped.  “You’re trying to tell me who I can and can’t fuck?”

Jeannie looked at her through narrowed eyes.  “Actually, in your case, it’s more ‘can’t’ than ‘can.’”  She took out the modified rule sheet they had come up with that night.  “Read clause twelve.”

“Claiming?  You’re saying I’ve been claimed?  What does that even mean?”

“It means you have to follow these rules.  If you break any of them you will be immediately ejected from the club.  You will also be considered in breach of contract and be subject to legal action.”

Emma shook her head, disbelievingly.  “You’re going to sue me?  This isn’t even a rule.”  She lifted the paper and read it aloud.  “You will obey, immediately, and without question, any instruction given to you by your master/mistress.”

“There’s fine print to that one,” said Emily, rather irritably.  She had been the one to live under that rule and she had fought for every word of the fine print; she didn’t like people disregarding it.

Emma glanced back at the paper.  “Inasmuch as the order does not directly interfere in your pursual of a fair and thorough education, or directly and severely impact your physical or mental health.”  She looked at Emily, sarcasm blatant in her expression.  “I’m feeling some impact on my mental health right now.  This is bullshit.”

Jeannie shrugged.  “All right.  If you don’t want to join the club you don’t have to.  No one’s forcing you to sign.”

Emma stiffened.  “I did everything you asked, and you’re pulling this shit on me?”

“It’s not like you’re the only one who’s been claimed before,” said Sebastian lazily.  “We didn’t add that clause specifically for you.”

“You haven’t even told me who’s the jerk I’m supposed to obey.”

“Oh.”  Everyone glanced towards Emily who raised her hand awkwardly. 

Emma’s eyebrows shot up.  “Seriously?  You’re giving me to the sub?”  She almost smirked.  “Was I that good that you don’t want to share?”

Emily flushed.

“Actually, that is part of it,” said Jeannie flatly.  “You’re sexually profligate, and we don’t think you really understand what being part of this club means.”

“It’s a sex club.”

“It’s an elite sex club,” Jeannie snapped.  Emily tried not to giggle.  She was right.  Emma was clearly going to destroy them all if she could get Jean to admit to being in a sex club after less than ten minutes of arguing.  “That’s what you don’t get.  Consider this a trial run.  If you make it through the rest of the year obeying these rules, and show improvement in understanding what this club is all about, you will be admitted as a full member, and,” she glanced over at Emily, trying not to make it blatantly obvious that the claim was instigated by the council, “Emily will reevaluate whether or not you need to be under claim.”

“You really think that she can control me?”

“Look,” interjected McCoy, sounding bored.  “It’s not about whether or not she can control you.  It’s about whether or not you can give up control over your sexuality to her.  If you’re worried, I doubt she’ll force you to be celibate.”  He smirked and a few guys laughed.  “But do you understand?  It’s not a test for her.  It’s a test for you.”

Emma frowned and glanced around at the officers.  Her eyes settled on Emily and a calculating expression crossed her face.

“Since this is a trial period, does it mean I don’t have to pay until it’s final?”

“Sure,” said McCoy.  “Pay the $400, we’ll reevaluate at summer break.”

Emma nodded slowly, then she signed the page.  “This is good.  It gives me a chance to try you out too.”  Then she stood up and walked out.

*            *            *

Part 3
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  • Fake Empire Phase 2: Bad Kids 2/?

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