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Title: Bicker

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: NC-17

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls. 

Word Count: 2614

Prompt: 035. Blow Job/Going Down

Apologies: Yeah, this is the obligatory(?) Princeton Eating Club AU.  If you don't know what Eating Clubs are, think Hellfire Club for college students.  And now you understand the premise.  Bicker is the system for picking new members to let into the club.

Emily had been a legacy.  She hadn’t had to bicker to get into the club, just be initiated.  She had been dating one of the upperclassmen at the time, Selene, and although it had been humiliating to be spanked in front of the rest of the club, it wasn’t like the spanking itself was new.  That was something Selene had liked to do to her.  She had liked to do a lot worse, and Emily had probably gotten off easy.

But the sophomores who wanted to join who weren’t legacies had to compete for the few places open.  The first level of bicker was just a social, getting to know you, who fit the type, who was the right class, who was interesting and someone you thought would be good company for the next two years.

Each member had ten or eleven students they had to evaluate.  Over two hundred wanted to join, but there were only twenty-three spots open.  The juniors were a big class that year and the club was full at sixty.  Legacies cut the open spots down to ten.  Out of two hundred sophomores, they had to pick ten.  It was going to be hell.

Emily generally liked people, especially ones who weren’t pretentious and had real interests.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t really the type the club went for.  Of the five she passed, she doubted any of them would make it in.  The wrong physical characteristics, the wrong major, the wrong extracurricular activities would usually get them out at later stages.

They had cut it down to one hundred before the second night of bicker.  That night Emily had to meet twenty-five new people and try to remember their names.  The sophomores trying out thought that they were the ones with the difficult job.  They had to learn the names of all the current members and one pertinent fact and then pass a quiz, but no one really cared about the quiz results, it was the powwow that night that was important.

The names were read off to the members and all the ones who had met that person and remembered their name were forced to give an evaluation.  If the majority was positive, they would stay on the list, if they were noncommittal or negative their name was crossed off.  The sophomores who had friends already in the club were most likely to make it in, but really, who wanted to join a club where you didn’t have any friends?  Being in that club was an opportunity to make friends and gain status, but social climbers weren’t particularly respected at a club that put a high priority on legacy.

A couple girls got through on the sex vote.  If they had managed to meet and impress enough guys in the club they could make it through that level.  They usually made it through the last one too.  That was why the first level had been introduced, to separate the whores from the interesting whores.

It was never clear exactly how many would make it through this level, but usually there were enough noncommittals to cut it down, and the forty-two left were all good candidates.  Next was to test how much they wanted it.

Emily hated the third night of bicker.  She usually made plans to be elsewhere.  The lights in the taproom and the library were all turned off and the students were separated into boys and girls and told to strip naked.  The boys were made to crawl through an obstacle course in the taproom and the girls in the library.  These usually involved spiders, excessive amounts of jello with peeled grapes inside, cold showers of beer, weird noises and verbal humiliation.  Usually if the students were serious enough to get naked, they made it through that level.  The three-or-so boys and girls who were too self conscious to take their clothes off either would be forewarned and wouldn’t show up that night or would slip out the back door of the bathroom.  Anyone who made it to the end of the course was given the secret location of the final night of bicker.

The final night of bicker happened in the club like all the rest.  But the students were told to meet at a different location and they were taken through the steam tunnels to get to the house.  Technically there was no final night of bicker.  It was supposed to be a members only meeting where they cut the list down to the final number.  Their club’s last evaluation was a secret.  The school had very strict rules about what could go on during bicker and the non-sexual nudity was as wild as you could get.  But their club never stopped there.

Campus security had to have access at all times during bicker, but on the final night, the club appeared closed and locked and at half-hour intervals from midnight until three am the bickerees gathered in small groups in various buildings on campus and a single member blindfolded them and led them through the tunnels.

When they reached the house and came up through the basement, the club was unrecognizable to anyone who hadn’t been to a private party there before.  Private parties were members only, and what went on there was a deadly secret.  Velvet curtains, leather straps, whips and chains decorated the walls.  The table in the library was propped up on its end to reveal the St. Andrew’s cross beneath it.  The members were all wearing only underwear except for the officers who wore capes and boots only.  The girls wore corsets, but underwear for the lower half was not allowed.  The bickerees were stripped naked again.  Their wrists and ankles were bound together and they were made to crawl on their elbows and knees into the library.

Emily had done this.  Initiations followed basically the same format.  Selene had decided to make it even more humiliating for her and given her a butt plug with a tail to wear in as well.  The members all lined up to slap the ass of the sophomore crawling in.  (They had loved her tail and played with it until it ached.)

But this time Emily was an officer.  (She hadn’t expected to be one, but someone nominated her for position of club historian and as no one actually wanted the job, she had gotten stuck with it.)  She liked the cape, but not what she would likely have to do.

The first group was all male.  Seb, the member, had made them pull out their cocks before they were blindfolded and walk through the steam tunnels elephant style.  They thought it was fun.  They didn’t realize that it was about to get worse.  They were all stripped naked and trussed up together, but then they waited in the hall as their fellow auditioning sophomores entered one at a time.

It was a simple exam.  They were asked to perform oral sex on one officer of the club.  The rest of the club would watch and fill out an evaluation form.  Making the officer orgasm was not necessary, but it was usually bonus points.  It was mostly about style.  Initiations had more variety and were entirely about humiliation, but bicker was about skill, sexuality, and panache.

There was only one rule.  If the bickeree was straight, they would be paired with an officer of their own gender.  If they were gay it would be opposite.  If they were bi, they were lucky fucks, but were generally given same gender just in case they were lying.

McCoy was the current club president.  He wasn’t a legacy, but had gotten in easily because he had the biggest cock on campus.  It was a huge thick snake of a thing, and every time Emily was forced to look at it she was doubly glad she was a legacy.  They loved to make the lesbian girls choke it down.  (Emily’s parents had actually met in the club, so she was technically a double legacy.  She just tried not to think about what her parents had done in their time.)

The first boy’s jaw dropped when he saw McCoy’s dick and was told that he had to suck it down.  He did his best, but he had no technique and couldn’t even manage to get it hard.  Emily ranked him a poor.  McCoy said he’d stay in the chair until somebody got him off, so the next three boys had to suck on him too.  It finally perked up when one of the boys freaked out.  He was considered a stud at school, but only with women, and it was clear he was not okay with giving a man oral sex.  Emily doubted he had ever given a woman oral sex either.  Aaron and Scott held his head still and McCoy fucked his throat while the boy’s eyes bugged out.  That was an automatic fail.  McCoy came and he choked on it, then he was hustled out of the room, with cum on his face.

But McCoy had come, so he was out and it was the next officer’s turn.

Emily was hoping hard that she didn’t have to take the chair.  Everyone knew that she was a bit uncomfortable with public sex although she had no problem with public humiliation, so she was last in line. 

But then a group of girls showed up.  A few of them paled at what they had to do, but most of them, even the straight ones, were willing and it wasn’t too hard to get a girl off, so they went through the female officers rather quickly.  One girl actually made a comment that it was fine to give head to a straight girl, even easier than doing it to a guy, but gave Emily an uncomfortable look.  That was kind of bewildering.  Just because she was gay, and out (this was not in question after Selene had made her wear the leash on Newman’s day last year) it would be worse to service her than someone else.

A few girls were too embarrassed to really get in there and do it.  They failed.  Sluttiness and zero inhibitions were clearly a prerequisite for being in this group.  Pre-gaming was not allowed.  You had to do it sober.  The ones who failed automatically were given a drink laced with roofies as they left, then escorted safely back to their dorms.  If they reacted badly, it was better that they didn’t remember too much of the night.

The last group showed up at five after three.  They were the dregs really, mixed sex, not expected to pass.  They were the ones who didn’t have friends in the club: the girls who had made it through on the sex vote, the boys who had done something similar, or the ones who had paid to make it through the first two rounds (this happened more than it ought to).

One of them actually refused.  Faced with Roberto’s Hispanic cock, he cringed away and begged to be untied, pressing his face to the ground.  Three non-officers jacked off on him.  Then he was taken away and roofied.

The second to last was a gay boy faced with Jeannie’s pussy.  He looked shocked and slightly scandalized.  “You want me to waste my skills on a woman?”  He rolled her eyes, but dove in and made Jeannie come, though inelegantly.  Emily gave him four points, and then realized in horror that she was next.

The entire club realized at the same time and hooted and hollered for her to go up.  She had a tendency to miss the private parties or leave early now that Selene had graduated, and they called her no fun.  A couple members said she should go on the cross, they had such good memories of that, but McCoy told them to save it for initiations.  Emily made plans to make plans to miss that immediately.

Emily took the chair and awkwardly opened her cape.  There were more catcalls, but she wasn’t really embarrassed about this anymore.  She rapped the arm of the chair with the end of her crop and gave everyone a mock glare.

“Let’s get going on this.  If I don’t get anything out of it, I’m expecting some assistance from you!”  She pointed her crop at the members, who laughed.

“It’s all right,” said Scott half amused and half insulting.  “We saved the class slut for you.  I’m sure she’ll serve.”

Emily wrinkled her nose.  “Clean?”

“Her mouth is.”

She flipped Scott off.  VDs were an automatic expulsion from the club, but everyone knew he had gotten gonorrhea over the summer; unfortunately it had cleared up before the semester started so they hadn’t been able to eject him.

The girl actually walked in the door, even with her ankles bound, before someone gave her a shove and she fell, catching herself hard on her elbow and shoulder.  She was one that no one wanted to get through, blatantly polling for the sex vote, but no class, new money, obviously fake boobs, and a seriously nasty streak that didn’t give a thought for how popular or well-connected you were.  But everyone had heard that she put out, and enough guys were willing to find out how far she went that she had made it to this level.

She reached Emily, her ass much hotter and redder than the others.  A few girls had taken the opportunity to get a bit of revenge.  She sat back on her heels and scowled.

“I have to do this for her?  She’s a fucking sub.”

Someone laughed.  “I said we should have put her on the cross!”  But most people just gave her disapproving looks and started marking their papers.

Emily shrugged.  “Everyone’s a sub when they’re taking it, at least if the giver’s any good.”

The girl arched an eyebrow and seemed vaguely intrigued.  “Yeah?  Then-“  But before she could finish Scott smacked her viciously in the back of the head.

“Get to it!”

She gave him an ugly look.  Emily reached out and caught her head, turning it back towards her.  “Don’t look at him.  You look at me, or you’re out.”

The girl sneered.  “You’re trying to top me?”  She leaned in and bit down on Emily’s inner thigh sharply.  “I’m going to make you scream.”

“Oh, fuck.”  Emily had forgotten how much she loved girls who used their teeth.  But this one knew how to use her tongue as well.  (Sometimes it felt like Selene wanted to hurt her more than make her come, not that that didn’t make her come often enough on its own).  And she had a tongue stud, which clinked against Emily’s vertical hood piercing with a jolt like lightning.  She had full control of the techniques, used four different tongue positions, and knew exactly how to vary the rhythm and push past Emily’s default arousal level and right into the build up, and then Emily forgot about scoring, because the girl’s tongue scraped roughly against her clit, pinching it between the two hard metal balls and her teeth sank into her leg again and she was coming.

The girl sat back, licking her lips and looking pleased with herself.  Emily gaped at her.  “I’ll do that again.  I’m looking for a pet,” she said playfully, and Emily had no idea how to respond.  A few of the boys threw her out of the room and the rest of the club looked at Emily in shock.  Emily sank down in the chair, pulling the hood of the cape over her head.

“Holy fuck.”

*          *            *  
Part 2 
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