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Everyone seemed to be doing these, so I thought I’d give it a try. In my evaluation they are rather uniformly terrible. There seem to be an odd preponderance of Jill the Vampire Slayer stories, but that’s entirely the fault of my taste in music.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble/ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Pairing: Jill/Cindy

Oh, that stopping when the song ended, that didn’t really happen on the first few. I got better at it later, but my ideas got worse. It was really fun though! I may have to try it again with my other computer where I actually have lots of music.

Slaying the Dreamer

Jill leapt for the back of the truck and caught onto it with barely her fingertips. She scrambled up the back. This was Lindsay’s job, not hers, but she had no choice on this. The truck bumped off on a side road. She clung, wishing she could tell if Cindy was in there, if she was awake, or in any shape to help.

Flames were lit at every point in the circle. Jill dropped off the truck into the bushes, and found a sharp piece of wood. There were too many of them. But the altar in the center was ready. Cindy was being tied to it.

Jill cursed silently. If she had just told me she was a virgin, I could have fixed the problem before we got into this mess!

She was planning on fixing that little problem as soon as she got her out.

One, two. The demons fell with stakes through their hearts. She wrested Cindy from the altar. Half awake Cindy managed to grab a torch and used it to keep the demons at bay as they fled.

In the back of a truck, they were sailing off to safety.

“Demons,” Cindy gasped, her eyes widening as the scenes started to make sense.

Jill pinned her to the bed of the truck and started undoing buttons.

“Um, Jill, what are you doing?”

Jill grinned. “Eradicating temptation,” she said, and kissed her.


I Know My Love
-The Chieftans with the Corrs

Cindy leaned back against where she knew the wall ought to be, eyes fixed on Jill’s ass in that new skirt. The wall was not where she expected it to be and she collapsed on the floor in a cloud of papers and a yelp.

Jill had a date, as usual. He was hot too, which was really irritating. Cindy lurked in the coat room and glowered. Claire gave her an odd look as she passed her.

Lindsay was being annoying again. Usually it was chase this, find that, go away or I’ll lock you up. Now she was like “ah! Cute witness,” which was almost worse. Cindy retreated to Jill’s office.



“I’m bored.” Cindy frowned at her feet. Looking at Jill was a bad idea. She always ended up in a situation when she looked at Jill. “I want you to fuck me.”

Cindy flushed. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud. What was it? I’m bored and I want you to fuck me? Goodbye respect, goodbye everything. She was too mortified to flee.

Jill stared at her blankly for a long moment watching the flaming fire-engine red inch up her face. Then she frowned and reached for her coat. “Let’s go.”



The scent of spring on the air. Cindy stood on the path that curved around the bay parkland. All the city garbage really distracted you from the beauty and reality of the surrounding natural world.

She took off her coat and stepped up to the grasses on the edge. Then she stopped, stepped back and took off her shoes. Now she was ready. She frowned and stepped back again. Off went the pants. She looked at herself. She tugged the shirt off over her head. Then she considered her underwear. Having Lindsay Boxer finding her floating corpse in underwear would be humiliating. She took off her bra.

“Are you sure this is a suicide attempt?” Jill’s snarkily sarcastic voice came from behind her. She spun, remembered her nudity and covered her breasts with her hands. “Because it looks more like skinny-dipping to me. Not the weather for it, though.”

“Go away. You already made it clear that you’d rather fuck a horse than have anything to do with me.”

Cindy turned back around and proceeded to remove her underwear. Jill’s presence wasn’t going to deter her in the least.

“Well, maybe seeing you naked has helped me change my mind.”

Cindy turned around again. “Yeah?”


Jill took off her own coat and then kicked off her shoes.

“Um, what are you doing?”

“If nothing I say is going to stop you, then I figured I’d better be ready to go in after you.”
“Huh?” Jill removing her blouse and slacks as she was moving ever so slowly closer was somewhat distracting.

“And there’s no way I’m ruining a twelve hundred dollar suit and Prada heels on a scrawny, whiny, underage redhead like you.”

With each word she was a step closer until there was hardly a breath between them. Cindy clenched her fists.

“I hate you.”

“Shut up.” Jill reinforced her command with her mouth.


Real Life
-Girls Aloud

Lawyering was lawyering. Jill frowned at the case in front of her. But traffic tickets were repulsive. So was the defense attorney for the case. She couldn’t believe she had dated him, admittedly not beyond drinks. But still, gross.

It was pretty impressive to have acquired enough traffic tickets to actually think hiring an attorney was less expensive than just paying them. A plea of harassment.
Jill sauntered down to Lindsay’s office.


“Oh, that pillock! I told my guys to ticket him whenever they saw him.”

Jill groaned. They had a case. Now how was she supposed to tell Cindy that she didn’t have time off?


-Kate Nash

Cindy stirred the drink in front of her. She didn’t like waiting, not for things she was so insecure about. Then Jill was there, panting, and smiling as she leaned on the table.

“I made Lindsay pissed at me, come on, we’ve got to run.”

Her smile was infectious; it felt like the beginning of an epidemic. Cindy jumped up and awkwardly took the unexpectedly outstretched hand. They bolted out of the restaurant, darting through alleys and under balconies, until they tumbled through the gates of a park, faces flushed, breathing hard.

“What did you do?” Cindy got out between gasps.

Jill cupped her cheek and smiled. “I told her I had better things to do than listen to her drama.”


It’s So Hard
-Rachel Sage

Sometimes Jill hated herself. It was pretty clear that she had no self-control. Those convenient inhibitor things did not exist in her life. It didn’t just have to do with the inappropriate sex, the infidelity, the drinking. She couldn’t even control her idiot tongue!

That had gotten her in worse than anything else. All she said was basically, you betrayed me and we aren’t friends, and she had nearly ruined her entire life.

When she had realized that she had apologized without thinking. The apology became a confession, the confession was accompanied by drinking, and the drinking by inappropriate sex.

Only this time, she didn’t regret the sex. She just regretted knowing that even when she got what she wanted, she would screw that up too.


Pick Up Lines
-Dance Hall Crashers

“Hey Angel, when did you fall from heaven?”
Cindy snorted and leaned back on the bar, making room for Jill to scooch in next to her. Lindsay gave her oldest friend a glare. “Sleazy.”
“Hey, I lost my number, can I have yours?”
Cindy looked up from her desk, confused. A blonde head was hanging over her cubicle wall.
“What are you doing here?”
“Okay, technically I lost my phone.”
“Sooo, what’s your sign?”
Cindy nearly dropped her keys. Jill was sitting in the corner of the porch, looking irritatingly smug.
“Will you cut that out! What is it with the lousy pick up lines? And the borderline stalking! Just say what you want! Spit it out already!”
“Okay.” Jill clambered to her feet, brushing off her skirt. “It’s you,” she said, not meeting Cindy’s gaze. Cindy frowned. Suddenly crystal blue eyes were boring into hers. “I want you.”


Clear the Area
-Imogen Heap

Cindy took one look and threw up. She didn’t need to see this but she couldn’t look away.

“Excuse me,” a large hand of a man in a yellow vest pushed back on her shoulder. “You need to clear the area.”

She staggered back, unable to tear her eyes from Lindsay’s body. “But I’m… But she’s…” She’s in my club. What else could she say? They had gone out a few times, usually in a group, and ended up going home together, but otherwise there was nothing between them, no words said, and now there was nothing at all.

She spotted Jill on the other side of the police enclosure. She didn’t look sick. That was odd. Then she saw the two policemen framing her. Then she saw the handcuffs, and the blood spatter. A man in a forensics jacket dropped the chef’s knife into a plastic bag.

“Let’s go.”


Early Sunsets over Monroeville
-My Chemical Romance

Family number six, was it? Jill frowned as she hoisted the duffle bag over her shoulder and walked through the streets. There were a lot of cemeteries for a small town. The sun was setting. It was nice, the orange glow on the buildings.

There was a redhead standing in the shadow of the Woolworths. Jill had always liked redheads.


“Hey.” She had a great smile.

Jill found her new house, unpacked her bags. After curfew she slipped out of the window. By the old tree. Jill skulked along the pavement towards the nearest cemetery.

Movement. She froze. A girl, no, the girl, a man holding her against the wall.

“Get your ugly hands off of her!”

Fangs! Not human. A stick was in her hand before she could notice. Thump, shrivel. The girl.

Jill turned away from Cindy’s hopeful eyes. “I don’t do redheads.”


-Dance Hall Crashers

Jill was a terrible houseguest! The floor was sticky and Claire wrenched up her sock. Only one person drank her tea with vats of honey in this house, and it wasn’t anyone related to her. She pulled out the milk, gave it a shake. The cap went flying; milk sloshed everywhere.


Dirty dishes in the sink! Dirty laundry on the couch! A toy train under foot!

Well, that was Nate’s. Claire wondered what he was doing with it. She thought he had grown out of toys.

Irrelevant. Everything else was Jill, and something had to be done.

Claire picked up the phone. “Hi, Cindy?”

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