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JJ's (Not So) Terrible Day

Title: JJ's (Not So) Terrible Day

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Jennifer Jareau

Rating: NC-17

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls. 

Word Count: 3887

Prompt: 050. Writer's Choice- Futanari (I had a request, what can I say?)

Apologies: This is the stupidest thing I have ever written!  All right, maybe not, but it's close.

Warnings: Futanari, Age Regression, Idiotic Plot Devices, High School AU, and Catholic School Uniforms, plus Cheerleading Uniforms for good measure.

And it's Emma/JJ.  Don't ask me how this happened.  (Well, it's JJ/self, then Emma/JJ, then a bit of potential Emma/Emily)

           He was JJ’s boyfriend, but everyone had seen him making out with Emma at the football game.  Some forgave him.  One cheerleader looked pretty much like another on a dark night after too many beers, but JJ was never going to forgive Emma.  She screamed at her in the locker room after practice.

“You’d fucking suck anyone’s cock, you whore!  But Will is mine!”

It was the terror that made her so angry.  She had missed her last period.  It could have been from the diet she was on, but she was afraid that it wasn’t.  And now she was afraid that Will wouldn’t be there when she needed him.  Her mother had said he seemed like a stand up guy, but what if her mother was wrong?

Emma had just eyed her sarcastically.  “Maybe you need to put a leash on your boy and not on me.  Try spreading your legs more often.”

Saying that she spread her legs often enough wasn’t going to do anything for her reputation in front of the rest of the team, so she satisfied herself with a, “Bitch,” and stormed out.

“I just want to teach her a fucking lesson!” she screamed at her brother who waved his hands in a ‘don’t shoot the sympathetic audience’ expression.

“Well, I don’t know if it will help, but there’s this book…”

“A book?”

“Give it a chance.”

It was a fat book, old, in a plain library binding.  “Own Back,” was stamped in flaking gold leaf across the front.  It was a book of spells, but all the spells were about revenge.  JJ’s breath hissed in as she read about how to punish the man who killed your child, who stole your money, who burnt down your house.  And then the page fell open to a spell entitled: to punish the woman who lay with your lover.

It was close enough.  JJ followed the instructions to the letter.  But at the end, nothing seemed to happen.  In fact, she didn’t even know what was supposed to happen.  Disappointed and behind on her homework, she went to bed.

She woke up with a cock.

This was completely unfair!  It was supposed to punish Emma, not her!  She sat, pantsless, in front of her full-length mirror, and stared in horror at the vile growth.  It was short and thick (thicker than Will’s even when his was hard), widening at the base, and framed with tight golden curls.  There were no balls and her pussy opened up behind it.  Basically it seemed as if her clit had grown up into this five-inch monster.  It would have been kind of interesting- if she were able to take it off!  But as it was it was horrible!

The head was enclosed in a ring of skin and she pulled it back slightly to see the dark red flesh beneath.  Her finger touched it and it felt good.  She squeezed the base and rubbed it up and down in her cupped hand.  It hardened a bit and grew bigger and longer, and it was really only half there.  (Will’s didn’t even compare anymore, the breadth alone was nearly double.)

She considered, perhaps if she got off, it would go away.  (That was how it worked in the dirty stories she’d never admit that she’d read).  It wasn’t hard enough yet, and she bent as far down as she could to try to get her mouth on it.  But even with all her vaunted cheerleader flexibility, she could just barely brush the tip with her tongue.

It was still pretty bendy, she considered, and brought her knees up, looking in the mirror at the cock poking up into the air, her pussy spread beneath it.  (It was pretty hot.)  She reached down and stroked her pussy lips, spreading them with her fingers.  She was wet.  And she had an idea.  It made her cock go hard.

She bent the shaft downwards, pulling back the foreskin as she guided the head towards her opening.  It was a little too hard to bend fully, but the tip pressed against her lips and parted them, and she had never felt anything like this before.

Her cock ached, and her pussy had to stretch in ways it never had to before, just to let the head inside.  That was as far as she could get, but god it felt incredible.  She was fucking herself with her own cock.  Forcing the head in and out almost was enough to break her, and her hand was soon slick with fluid from her cunt.  Her cock couldn’t take it anymore and she beat off ferociously, using her wetness as lube, until something deep within her told her she was going to come, and she held on tight as she came hard, fluid shooting from her cock and spattering the mirror.

She dropped back on the bed, panting slightly, her cock drooping down between her legs again.  Was it actually semen?  The thought frightened her for a moment.  There was no way it could be possible for her to get herself pregnant, was there?  She knelt in front of the mirror and inspected her release.  It was slightly colored, but more clear, and when she breathed in, it had the dark strong scent of her own come.  She tasted it, just to be certain, and it didn’t have the slightly rancid sour flavor of Will’s sperm, just the salty nothingness of her own.

She breathed again, but of course it made sense, she didn’t even have testicles!

But she still had a cock, and her brother yelled up the stairs at her.  “Jay!  You’re going to miss the bus if you don’t get out of bed!”

JJ hurriedly wiped off the mirror, then jumped into the shower, and ran about finding clothes, hardly noticing the penis bouncing between her legs.  It was only when she was pulling on her school uniform, bra, shirt, tie, underwear, that she realized her usual white bikinis didn’t want to hold her new cock.  It bunched up inside and bulged out the front, which would be horrifically visible in her pleated skirt.  She hurriedly got out a pair of spandex shorts and put those on instead.  She adjusted her cock until it was tucked carefully down one leg, and wouldn’t distort her outfit.  She just had to remember to sit with her legs closed all day.  Usually having boys (sometimes teachers) peeking at her underwear was a slight thrill, but today it would be as good as death.

JJ did manage to catch the bus, and her day was almost normal until third period when she really had to pee.  She made it to the bathroom and pulled her spandex down, when she realized that she didn’t know what to do next.  She could sit down, but it might dangle into the water below, and that would be gross, but if someone noticed that she was peeing standing up…

There was no one in the bathroom with her, so she thought she’d risk it.  She took her cock in hand and pointed it at the bowl, pulling back the foreskin to make sure it stayed clear, and started to pee.  She almost laughed at the thrill of it, having that much control, and tried to guide the stream into a certain area of the bowl.  She overestimated and embarrassingly got a bit of the seat, but even so, peeing standing up was pretty awesome.  (Tucking her cock back into the spandex was not.)

Then it was lunch, and Will, blushingly apologetic, came up and explained how kissing Emma had been an accident, and he was totally sorry.  Overwhelmed by reality again, JJ forgave him verbally, thought still harboring some resentment in her heart, and let him kiss her.  They usually made out by the tree in the commons, and he seemed to be intending to do just that, kissing her slowly and letting his hand drift under her shirt and cup her breast.  JJ let herself go into it, enjoying his gentle kisses and unforceful tongue.  (He wasn’t disgusting with it like the boys she had dated before.)  She felt good, straining a little against the spandex, and Will’s hand was just about to slip between her legs when she remembered her cock.

It wasn’t with fear.  It was with a hard thrill, waiting for his hand to slip around it, him to bring it to his mouth, get it wet and hard, and then she would flip him and fuck his ass until he begged for her to stop, and then she would fuck him again until she came.  His fingertips brushed it, and she suddenly realized that he wasn’t expecting it to be there, and he would freak out.  Then everyone in the commons would know.  She smacked his hand and shoved him away.

“I’ve forgiven you a little, but not that much,” she snapped, and stormed out.  (She didn’t notice Emma watching her leave.)

Hidden in the bathroom she examined her half-hard cock tiredly.  What was she going to do if it didn’t go away?  Will might be a stand-up guy, but there was stand-up and then there was willing to accept the fact that your girlfriend had a cock, and that was not the same thing.

It went down eventually and she slipped back to class, only a few minutes late.

She knew she should skip cheerleading.  It didn’t make sense not to.  Of course no one would try to grab her crotch, but things happened when people were being tossed up into the air.  She was trying to slip out towards the busses when Emma passed her on her way to the locker room.

“Slacking off today?”

JJ glared.  “I’m not feeling well.”

Emma shrugged.  “Whatever.”

JJ went to practice.  She changed in one of the stalls, keeping her spandex on under her cheering skirt.

JJ loved cheering.  She loved pretty much any sport, basketball in the winter, soccer in the spring, windsurfing and skimboarding in the summer, and the fall was for cheerleading.  Homecoming was over, but their first competition was coming up, and they were working hard.  Before she knew it, a troupe of sweaty girls was heading back to the locker room.  The coach called her and Emma back.

“I heard there was some trouble in the locker room yesterday.”  She proceeded to give them a talking to about team unity and respecting their teammates at least until the season was over.  Apparently then they could have as many catfights as they wanted.

JJ caught Emma rolling her eyes more than once and struggled not to laugh.  It wasn’t as if there had been punches thrown or anything.

“Well, that was thrilling,” Emma commented as they went towards the locker room, passing a few girls already leaving.  “Should I vow my eternal respect for you being a cranky bitch with bad taste in boyfriends?”

JJ snorted.  “And I respect you very much for being a skanky ho-bag slut, with no sense of shame, and apparently the purveyor of the best blow jobs on campus.”

“You wish you had a reputation like mine.”

JJ laughed and went to find her clothes in the nearly empty locker room.  She had apparently dropped her bag only a few feet from Emma’s, and glanced back to see her enemy topless, tossing her sports-bra into her locker, her loosed hair brushing bare skin.  JJ couldn’t tear her eyes away from her breasts.  Emma didn’t seem to notice and fastened her white lacy bra around her middle and slipped her arms through the straps, pulling the cups up over her breasts.  Then she glanced over at JJ.

“Is that for me?”

JJ paled with horror as she realized that she meant the raging hard-on that was bulging out the front of her spandex.  “No, oh my god, no.”  She quickly tried to cover it up with her hands.  Emma laughed.  “I think it is.  What are you wearing under there?  Compression shorts?  Take them off.  I want to see.”

“No way.  I’m going to-“

“Hold it.  There are still girls out in the hall.  If I shout they’ll come back in, and be incredibly entertained by whatever it is you’ve got under your skirt.  Do you really want that?”

JJ froze, unable to believe that this was happening.  “You… want to see?”

Emma gave a single nod.

JJ slowly began to ease down her spandex.  Her cock caught in the top, but in a moment it had pulled free, and was bobbing up, as hard as she had been that morning, pushing up her skirt indecently.  Free of the spandex, JJ stood uncomfortably.

“Lift your skirt.”

JJ pulled it back just a tad and her swollen red head was peeking out.  Then she lifted it all the way and showed Emma exactly what had happened.

“This morning, it was just there.”

“This can’t be real.”  Emma dropped to her knees to look at it more closely.  “Seriously…”  Her hand closed around the shaft, and JJ groaned.

“Oh please, don’t-, don’t just mess around.”

Emma grinned up at her.  “I always just mess around.”  And then her mouth was on it, and JJ was certain she was going to die.  Her hand firmly at the base, pushing the foreskin back with her teeth, her tongue moved around the head as she sucked, and JJ knew that whoever had started the rumor about Emma giving the best head on campus had not been lying.  And it was clear that no one was taking the rumor seriously enough.  If they really knew what she could do, they wouldn’t be teasing her for being a slut, they would be begging at her fucking heels.

JJ needed more, she needed to thrust, and she jerked her hips, trying to fuck her mouth.  Her hand loosened just enough for JJ to thrust into it, then it tightened again, and JJ groaned.  It worked in rhythm with her, and then she moved into another thrust and two of Emma’s fingers slid straight into her cunt.  She gave a half gasp, half scream, and came, shooting off into Emma’s mouth, and collapsing at the knees, falling onto the bench that ran beneath the lockers.

“Oh my god.”

Emma was sitting back on her heels, licking her lips with an odd expression on her face.  “You taste… not bad.”

“Yeah,” said JJ vaguely, still half-stunned.  (God, sex with Will was nothing like this.)  “It’s just cum, no gross guy-stuff.”

Emma laughed.  She got up, wincing as she unbent her knees, and put on her uniform shirt.  “You know you’re coming home with me.”

“What?  Why?”

Emma arched an eyebrow.  “This is far too good an opportunity to pass up.  I’m going to fuck you stupid.”  She noted JJ’s dazed confusion.  “Again.”

Emma’s house was really fucking huge, was the only thought that JJ could manage when the towncar (a black towncar with a chauffeur) dropped them off in front of it.  She had been distracted most of the way by Emma taking every opportunity to grope her through her skirt and (really uncomfortable) spandex.  JJ’s eyes had stayed fixed on the rearview mirror, begging the driver not to notice.  But inside the house was dead and empty.

“Come on.”

“But your family…”

“If anyone’s here, they’re doing exactly what we are.  No one cares.”

That was different.  JJ’s mom would be hammering the door down just as things got going, or one of her siblings would burst in.  She never had sex at home.  Sometimes she thought even her parents got a hotel room when they wanted to do (disgusting, horrible, unthinkable) stuff.

Emma’s room was big and fancy, but also oddly empty.  JJ was distracted, looking around, when with a sharp push she was suddenly sprawled on her back on the bed, with Emma straddling her, jerking down her shorts and pulling out her cock.  It was already half hard with the attention it had been getting in the car, but JJ felt vaguely distressed.

“Aren’t you even going to kiss me?”

Emma laughed at her, and pulled off her shirt with only a few buttons undone.  She dropped to her hands, hovering over JJ, who all of a sudden felt a little like prey, and nipped lightly at her ear.  “Are you feeling unloved?”

“I dunno, it’s just, I-“ but before JJ could formulate a coherent thought, Emma was kissing her, and she couldn’t speak, or breathe.

Emma’s kisses were all sex.  Her thighs were locked around JJ’s hips, and she ground into her cock, pinned between their bodies.  Her hands found the buttons on JJ’s shirt, and opened them easily, pushing the shirt away and popping her breasts out of her bra.  Her fingers found her nipples, and twisted, rubbing then between her thumb and forefinger, and JJ needed to gasp or scream with the stimulation.  Then the kiss broke and she could breathe, but all of a sudden, Emma’s mouth was on her breast, and the scream caught in her throat and came out as a rough moan.

“God, I need you inside of me.”

Emma chuckled against her breast.  “You’re the one with the cock, baby.  But if you want…”  Her fingers slid between JJ’s legs and moved easily into her.

JJ struggled to sit up, forcing Emma to slide down onto her lap.  “Don’t- you don’t-”

She leaned in, biting through the cloth of Emma’s bra and sucking on her nipple.  Her fingers worked the catch, and managed at some trouble to release it, and pulled the bra off of her, still kissing and sucking at her breasts.  She unhooked the back of Emma’s skirt and pulled it off.  Then her fingers slid down the soft cotton underwear and into the soaked crotch.  The feel of it made her moan, and her cock strain against Emma’s stomach.  She twitched aside the cloth and pressed in, her thumb rubbing over Emma’s clit.

She was tight, really tight, and JJ gasped, just thinking about the way that would feel closing around her cock.  But Emma seemed to read the gasp wrong and pushed her roughly down, pinning her shoulders to the bed.  JJ blinked confusedly into her glare.

“I am not a virgin.”

“N-no… of course not.”  She hadn’t even thought that.  Her fingers were still pressed into hot flesh, and she moved them, pushing deeper.  Emma breathed in sharply through her nose, hunching over slightly, and JJ lifted up (with her awesome cheerleading stomach muscles) and kissed her.

Then suddenly, their positions had shifted slightly, and JJ’s cock was pressing against Emma’s slick underwear.  JJ quickly shoved them down and ran her wet fingers over her cock, coating it as best she could.  Her crotch was on fire with anticipation, and she pushed the head into Emma’s entrance, like she had done with her own that morning, but then Emma started settling down onto it slowly, and it slid in so much more deeply.  It was so hot, so tight, so smooth, and JJ gasped, her eyes tearing up.

“Oh god, I want… I want-”

“Fuck me,” Emma whispered into her ear.  “I want you to come inside me.”

JJ thought her hips started pumping of their own accord.  She hardly knew what she was doing, but she thrust as best as she could, Emma moving with her, making every stroke harder and deeper.  Her fingers found her clit and pressed haphazard circles against and around it.  Emma was pressed tightly to her, their breasts rubbing together, her mouth on her neck.  And this was fucking, this was really fucking, and nothing JJ had ever done before came close.  It was the heat of it, the matched rhythm, the matching need, and this was what it was supposed to be like.

She felt Emma come around her, her cunt tightening in hard spasms, dragging an orgasm from JJ in response, and they collapsed into a slick mess tangled on the sheets.

“God,” JJ mumbled, still buried inside of her and not intending on moving any time soon, “why don’t you have like six boyfriends following you around all the time?”

Emma shifted slightly and JJ bit her lip, trying not to moan.  “I’m really not that into guys,” she muttered, half-distractedly.

JJ’s eyes widened.  “Oh.”  Suddenly a few things made a lot of sense.  “But everyone…”

“You tell me what’s worse: slut or dyke.”

That was definitely a tough one.  JJ was just hoping to not end up being ‘the freak with the cock.’

*            *            *


JJ smiled awkwardly at Emma, leaning against her locker.  Her eyes flicked down pointedly and she raised an inquiring eyebrow.

JJ shook her head.  “It’s gone.”

She had woken up fully woman that morning, the copper stain of her period on the sheets.  It had been a relief, even with the laundry that made her miss the bus.

“Too bad.  I was beginning to have ideas.”

JJ blushed.

It was odd to be sort-of-friends with Emma.  Well, JJ’s friends found it more strange than anyone else.  The ‘why are you waving at her?’ ‘why are you talking to her?’ ‘why are you smiling at her?’ got old after a while.  But JJ thought that someone had learned a lesson, even if it wasn’t the person the spell suggested.  She didn’t sleep with Emma again, although she thought about it once in a while.  (Okay, more than once in a while, but she thanked god that she was a woman and everyone couldn’t just tell when she was horny.)  But things were different now.  She was different now, and she wasn’t going to be stupid anymore, not stupid about sex, or stupid about boys, or stupid about other people.

She was going to wait.

JJ was certain however, that Emma needed a girlfriend.  Emma was not enthused by JJ’s determination towards this end, but JJ didn’t know what loneliness was and was sort of interested in finding out.  Emma, on the other hand, clearly had had enough of it.

On a day when the morning had been biting cold and frost had crunched under JJ’s and her brother’s feet as they waited for the bus, JJ was called down to the headmaster’s office.

There was a transfer student, from Italy, who needed showing around.  She was pretty and dark haired, awkward in the uniform with eye-makeup in excess of school regulations.  JJ didn’t mention that.  She was very good at showing people around.

She wasn’t entirely certain how they had gotten onto the topic of conversation, but JJ thought perhaps that the girl’s quiet demeanor had led her to ramble, and she did have a tendency to relate to anyone who would listen her new (public) rationale for Not Having a Boyfriend.  The girl had smiled uncomfortably.

“I’m not very interested in boys,” she had said, almost as if she were testing her, ready to jump in with a ‘high-school boys,’ or ‘American boys’ at any sign of disgust.  But JJ just looked at her curiously, evaluating privately on what the modest version of the school uniform showed, and deciding it was worth the chance.

“I think I need to introduce you to one of my friends.”

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