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 Title: Possessions

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: R

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls. 

Word Count: 907


Prompt: 024. Spanking

Apologies: Emily's Notebooks Universe!!!!  Probably not too long before Emma gets a certain *very bad* idea.


Erik Magnus was coming to a dinner party at my mistress’ house. 

Everyone was panicking.

It was only a small party, Emma, the Xavier Brothers, the Emperor, and a few mutual acquaintances.  It was in celebration of some piece of legislation Emma had written that he had helped push through.  (I had stopped wanting to know the details of what laws she was writing once I discovered what sort of bargains she had to make to pass them.  It always seemed that the balance was tipped towards the devil.)

 They all ate on the dais and drank like fishes.  Emma was a duchess now.  And she, like all Frosts, thought she could drink with kings.  It was repulsive, the party falling on an anniversary celebration of one of the bloodiest battles in the revolution.  The slaves who served were dressed skimpily with papier-mâché manacles on their wrists.  Emma was showing off her spoils.  It seemed obvious that she wanted me there.  It was the sort of work I did anyway, so I never even thought of saying no.

I didn’t expect to be groped offensively by Erik Magnus while I was trying to pour more wine.  Emma saw and scowled.  She summoned me over with a quick gesture and had me drape myself over her lap.

“Sorry Erik,” she said with an impolite sneer.  “This one is mine.”

She made me handle the pouring for her cup alone and offer her food from her plate.  It was degrading.  They were all drunk and Emma’s hands wandered over me, regardless of the company.  Her fingers slipped between my legs, and I tensed, but couldn’t pull away or get out of her lap.

I was in a room with the most powerful mutants in the world, while they were celebrating a massacre and the enslavement of humanity.  Rejecting my mistress was more likely to kill me there than anywhere else.

I let her masturbate me, her hand blatantly up my short skirt.  It was dirty and wrong and terrifying.  I could feel their eyes on me, but it was somehow painfully erotic at the same time.  They laughed as I buried my face in her shoulder and came.


“Never do that again!”  I stormed down the hall, Emma following, chuckling.

“Or what?”  She was still chuckling as she sashayed up to me, backing me into a corner.  Her hand slid over my ass.

“Or I’ll slit my wrists,” I replied coldly.  “If that’s the only thing I can do- the only way to steal myself from you, I’ll do it.”

My mistress scowled.  “Don’t you dare.”  She shoved me up against the wall, her fingers digging roughly into my shoulders.  “You are not allowed to take yourself from me!”

I jerked out of her grip, surprising her. “Then you had better start treating me like a person!  Or I will hate you, and your desperate need for someone to not hate you will just have to go unfulfilled!”

“You’re not a person!” she snapped at me.  “You are my whore!  And that’s what you will stay, whether or not you hate me, whether or not I need you under lock and key on suicide watch 24-7.”  She sneered.  “My shields are stronger now.  I don’t need you not to hate me.”

“Find someone else!”

“I don’t want anyone else!”

I gaped at her.

She stepped back, stunned by her own words.  “I’m drunk,” she said guiltily.

“You’re disgusting.”


“Get out brat.”  Emma caught JJ by the collar of her shirt and shoved her out into the hall.  I turned away from her, crossing my arms and legs, looking at the wall.  A flash of white made me glance back and see Emma stripping.

Naked, she crawled onto my bed and burrowed into my lap.

I twitched, pushing her away.  “Don’t-“

She bit me.  “Don’t you dare tell me what to do.”  She had bitten me!  I didn't know why I was so surprised at her being a brat.

But she was in my bed, downstairs, in my territory, and she dared to bite me?

I twisted my hand into her hair and jerked her head back.  Her eyes glowed but I didn’t feel her in my head.  Her pale ass was bent over my lap, and I couldn’t keep myself from giving it a hard smack.

She breathed in sharply, letting out the barest hint of a groan, and went limp.  She tipped her head to the side a little, exposing her neck and closing her eyes.  A flush of heat filled me at her submission.

“I want you to listen to me.  Do you understand?”  I brought my hand down again, firmly, but not violently.  “Listen.”

She whimpered and her hips rocked against my leg.  I gave her another few spanks.

“I know I’m your possession.  But I have to be valuable to you.”

Her ass was glowing bright red when I finished and I ran my hand over it.  It was hot.  I stroked the inflamed skin, feeling the evidence of her submission.

“You are.”  She nuzzled my arm as best she could.  “I wanted him to know you were mine.  I didn’t like his hands on you.”

“You didn’t like anyone else playing with your toys, did you?” I asked, threading my fingers through her hair.

            “I had three siblings.” She said, glancing up at me and wrinkling her nose.  “What do you think?”  


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