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Citrus Taste

001. Comfort Sex002. Table003. Flavored Lube004. Bathtub
005. Body Oil/Paints
006. The Net007. Movie Scene Reinactment008. Shower Sex009. Hideaway010. To the Hilt
011. Blindfold012. Vanilla013. Doggie-Style014. Food Fetish015. Dominatrix
016. Toys017. Virginal018. Waterproof019. Knife Play
follows 013.)
020. Vibrator
021. Choker022. Honey Dust023. Medical Play024. Spanking025. Fingering
026. Harems027. Orgasm Denial028. Anonymous029. Rim Job
follows 040.)
030. Harness
follows 041.)
031. Costumes032. Anal Sex033. Double-Penetration
Same as 036. 3parts)
034. Animalistic035. Blow Job/Going Down
036. Threesome
Same as 033. 3parts)
037. Grinding
follows 046.)
038. Pornography039. Position 69040. Biting
ollows 044.)
041. BDSM
follows 029.)
042. Vampirism043. Tantric Sex
follows 035.)
044. Masturbation
follows 043.)
045. Voyeruism
046. Lap Dance047. In Public048. Imprisonment/Captivity049. Leather050. Futanari

I always steal Lexus-Grey's tables, because they're so hot. This time I thought I'd actually join the comm, since I've already started writing the fic! It's going to be Emma/Emily because I have a one-track mind. I'll mark each post as AU or NC-17 as it applies.
And yes, I'm writing them in order.  I've made it through 013, though a few may need a bit more work.

Look at my awesome banner for finishing 25!  (It keeps making me blush!)

Only 6 More to go for 50!
Tags: citrus taste, criminal minds, nc-17, x-men

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