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9 Crimes pr0n ficlet

Title: Pornographic corollary to 9 Crimes
                 by request
Author: Alsike
Rating: NC-17, XXXX
Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emma Frost / Emily Prentiss
Summary: Sex.  Dirty, kinky sex.  All usual warnings apply.

When Emily told JJ that she hadn’t had sex with Emma while she was injured, she lied.

In truth, it had taken a lot of convincing for Emma to believe that she was healthy enough for sex, but by the end of the week, she finally managed it.  While the sound of the “okay fine” was still echoing in the room, Emily was already on her knees, stripping off Emma’s white leather pants.

“Oh…”  Emily gave a little groan as she slid down onto Emma’s fingers.

Emma grinned up at her.  “Been a while?”

Emily tipped her head back and moved her hips just enough.  “I’m like fucking Pavlov’s dog.  You show up and I’m salivating for it.”

“Basically you’ve been horny all week?”

Emily planted her hands on either side of Emma’s hand and licked her nose.  She dipped her tongue into Emma’s mouth without getting close enough for it to count as a kiss.  “Try a month and a half.”

“You didn’t give yourself a little manual release?”  Emma twisted her fingers together and then apart, her other hand giving a little extra support to Emily’s weak arm.

“I’m not left-handed.”  Emily rubbed her injured shoulder with a pout.

“Poor baby!”

“And they frown on vibrators being brought into hospitals.”

“You couldn’t seduce a cute nurse?”

“Well… there was one.”  Emma jerked her hand and Emily gasped, then ground more deeply onto her knuckles.  “She was charming, but, sadly, not interested in hurt/comfort.”

“Terrible.”  Emma’s thumb found her clit and slid over it, giving indirect pressure.  Emily pressed forward for more, but Emma kept it tantalizingly light.

“This one orderly offered.  But I’m not into cock.”

“No?”  Emma retracted her fingers and then pushed them slowly in again.  “I had a cock once.”  She felt wetness coat her fingers even more thickly.

“What?” Emily’s voice was thin and breathy.

At Emma’s next move, Emily’s eyes rolled back in her head.

“At the Hellfire Club you can have anything you want.  It’s a rush.  You don’t understand why men are such slaves to their dicks until you feel it.  The heat of a woman closing around you, it’s like nothing else, her desire, her fingers digging into your arms as you rip her apart, how you can turn the most poised, appropriate woman into a mumbling, drooling mess.”

“Oh god, Emma!”  Emily was fucking herself on Emma’s hand, barely supporting herself on her one good arm.  Emma sat up and flipped her onto her back, driving three fingers into her, hooking her knees over her shoulders, exposing the tempting curve of her ass.  Emma gave it a smack and Emily cried out, her passage spasming around her fingers.

“Not that I can’t usually.”  Emma muttered into her ear.  “But really, you just keep pounding her, even when she starts to cry, even when she can’t get anything out of it anymore, because it feels too good to stop.”


“You ever fucked diamond?”

And suddenly the friction was gone and Emily was penetrated utterly, Emma’s rock hard fist like a weight inside her.  She gasped.  It was as cold as ice.


The fist turned to flesh and Emily cried out.  Emma considered dragging it out of her, making her thrash and scream, even bleed, but thought of her injured shoulder, and straightened out her hand, turning it back to diamond to slide it out before dipping her head to caress the swollen, tortured flesh with her tongue.  She pushed Emily’s legs even farther forward to scrape the rough surface of her tongue against her asshole and then into her cunt.

Emily came into her mouth with a yelp, jerking, and inadvertently kicking her in the back hard enough to bruise.  Emma slid her finger back in to work her aftershocks, and squirmed up her body to lie at her side and touch the quickly drying sweat on her forehead.

“Your shoulder okay?”

Emily grinned lazily at her.  “I am feeling no pain.”

“Good, because I am expecting return services.”

“You are such a bitch.”  Emily snuggled into her and placed a light kiss on her neck.

“And you love me for it.”

“It is one of your better qualities.”

Emma snorted.  “Many would agree with you.”

“And your tongue…”  Emily snuggled into her shoulder and yawned.

“Hey!  No sleeping.  It’s your turn.”  Emma pinched her butt.  Emily’s hips jerked in response, grinding against her leg.


“We’ve been over this.”  Emma’s hands spread out over her ass and claimed it.  Emily’s hand wandered over her belly and down.

“Mmm,” Emily mumbled as her fingers slid inside, the palm of her hand prickling.  “You feel good.”

“You’re such an enthusiastic lesbian,” Emma drawled, sounding bored.

Emily straddled her and bent down for something that pretended to be a kiss and then turned into a bite.  “Well,” she said, so low that her chest vibrated and Emma kicked her feet to keep from grinding into her hand.  “Can I go down?  Or do I need to keep this business?”

“How many times do I need to tell you that he never touched me?  It was all in his fucking head, which means I had to stay in control.  The only thing I got off on was schadenfreud!”

Emily grinned against her skin and traced circles around her clit, not touching it.  “You mean you’ve been denying yourself lately?”

“I have the use of both hands, and whatever equipment I care to employ, so I can’t say I’ve been wearing a hair shirt, darling.”

“And you’re still this wet?”

“Emily…” this was clearly whining.  “I’ve just been deeper inside of you than I would wager anyone has even tried to go, and had my tongue in your incredibly sexy ass, and you expect me to not be wet?”

“Well…” Emily’s tongue traced over her nipples as she worked her way down her chest, kissing and licking and biting where she could.  Emma thanked god that her surgeon hadn’t been an idiot and had gone in under the muscle.  Emily’s tongue found the small scars.  Having no secrets really shouldn’t be this sexy.  “I suppose that could be a reason.”

And I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to take you with a cock, split open your pretty lesbian cunt, make you scream, make you like it.  Maybe even take your ass for the first time.  That would be nice.  There are some kinds of virginity it’s not a chore to take.”

“Oh, fuck, Emma.  Shut up, before I decide it isn’t your turn anymore and sit on your face.”

Emma reached for her.  “Flip around.”

Emily glanced up and smiled.  “I’m really not so good from that angle.”

“And I really don’t need much help.”

Emma helped her around and pulled her leg across her body.  She jerked her hips as Emily dipped her head and closed her mouth around her cunt, dragging the flat of her tongue over her clit.  She gathered wetness into her hand and spread it over Emily’s ass, getting her fingers slick with saliva and then working her asshole, not penetrating, just pressing and releasing with the pads of her fingers.  She felt more than heard Emily gasp and tilt her hips up so that she’d have a better angle.

One finger pushed in and she lay her head back, fucking Emily’s ass absently with just the first joint of her forefinger as Emily’s tongue pushed her over the edge.  She hated losing control, but after the first time, completely taken by surprise at Emily’s eager and skillful tongue, she had tried to hold out and failed spectacularly so many times, that she didn’t even bother anymore and just let out the gasp as the orgasm rolled through her, her fingernails digging into Emily’s smooth ass.  “God, Emily…”

Her finger had slid in up to the knuckle while she was coming, and Emily’s face was pressing against her thigh.  She could feel her hot ragged breaths, and circled her finger deeply.  Emily whimpered.

“You like this,” Emma breathed.

Emily grumbled incomprehensibly in response.

“Do you think you can come from it?”  She scraped her fingernail over the rim, and then pulled her finger out.  She pulled herself up until she could get her mouth there, pressing her tongue as deep inside as it could go and fucked her with it until Emily screamed and came.

“You really liked that.”

“Yeah.”  Emily winced and let Emma pull her up to the right side of the bed.  “It was probably a bit too much for my shoulder though.”


She shook a little and Emma wrapped her tightly in her arms.

“How bad?”

“Just… shaky and a little sore.  I’m not, um, very good at, um, as a rule.  The balance is hard.”

“At um?”

Emily glowered.  “You know what I mean.”

“Sixty-nineing?”  Emma was grinning.  “Can you say it?”

“Shut up.”

“Can you say what I just did to you?  That thing that made you come like a little whore?”


“Ass fucking?”

Emma.”  Emily grabbed her hair and pulled her down for a kiss.  Then she broke it and gagged.

“Forget where I had my mouth?”

“You are disgusting!”  Emily glared.  “And don’t call me a whore.”

“It was a simile, not an epithet.”

Emily laughed and leaned back against her.  “Get me my drugs.”


Emma kissed her neck and slipped out of bed to find the Ibuprofen and a glass of water.  Emily licked her lips tentatively and leaned back into the pillows, watching Emma’s naked form move around her apartment.



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