August 2nd, 2009

Fake Empire

Just Like Heaven

 So i was feeling grumpy, uninspired, and irritable.  To get me out of the funk, i hit shuffle on my iTunes and wrote 10 Didi-centric ficlets!

Title: Just Like Heaven
Author: Alsike
Rating: G, PG at most (Seriously, no swearing, no sex, no violence)
Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss, Deirdre Frost-Prentiss
Fandom: X-Men, Criminal Minds (Seriously, i don't know if these fandoms are even relevant in these ficlets.  I feel like i'm writing fanfiction for my fanfiction)
Spoilers: .... Do you know who Didi is?  It doesn't matter.  You'll figure it out.
Disclaimer: I'm sure the people who own X-Men and Criminal Minds would love to make a claim on this, because seriously, if you can cross-over Star Trek and X-men in canon why not Criminal Minds?  Think about it, guys.  I think I owe more to 
wizened_cynic than to the dudes in suits anyways.  She could probably sue me for custody of Didi and win.


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