July 30th, 2009

didi face


 We have finally turned on the air conditioner and my mood has improved drastically.

Sookie Stackhouse novels- actually pretty good.  The second one feels more confident, and was quite gripping.

Master and Commander novels - also awesome, although i read them and i'm like "Women are trouble!  Seriously!  Stay away from women!  they are insidious, selfish and black hearted!"  It's very convincing.

I was bullied into running three miles two days ago, and then i was three miles away from home and had to get back.  So i went six miles, although not all running.  (in 90% humidity)  then i was sick all night.  I don't think i've run longer than two miles ever before in my life.  i'm not certain whether i'm griping about this or proud.  Hmmm.

I worked on my new novel today, finally, after a week of staring at it and giving up because i was too hot and lethargic.
I probably should stop starting new projects until i get one in the mail, but this one has an outline!  I might actually finish it!
Not that i don't finish my other projects.  the ending isn't usually the difficult part.  it's the middle that muddles me up.

I may write a bit of fanfic this afternoon, after i take a nap,