July 25th, 2009


F**k this S**t

 I feel like i used to have interests, and like, focus.  That's shit, i never had focus.
But i did used to have interests.  And i didn't read trash all the time.  New low: the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  At least they're not Twilight (gag, I read one page and was like, whoops, i'm done).  the Harris books at least have character, southern character, even if the plot is a rejected script from a canceled police procedural.

I have learned three things from writing fanfiction: 1, that i cannot stomach writing romance. 2, that i actually can write porn, if i approach it with the mindset of this is going to be dirty and wrong and hot, but nothing else. 3, that i can write bad police procedural plots.

I am becoming a hack.  This blows.

I need to study for the GREs, because it seems pretty clear that if i am left to my own devices i will collapse from brain atrophy.

I used to like anime and manga, but now i can't stand it.  this depresses me.  Maybe i should just try to dig up some articles on japanese linguistics, since Japanese pop culture leaves me cold.

So, i need some new interests.  Any suggestions for something entertaining but intellectually stimulating?  And preferably without lesbians in.  Just so i don't get sucked back into this trap of repulsive trashy excess.  But girls with weapons are highly thought of.

My room is an oven.
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