April 24th, 2009

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 Title: Dream in Motion (and Other Winning Phrases from Songs by Billy Ocean) Corrolary (5 of 4)

Author: Alsike

Pairing: Alex/Lorelai, Serena/Casey, Alex/Olivia

Rating: NC-17, for previous parts mainly, but this one's probably at least an R

Disclaimer: Dick Wolf, I most deeply apologize for violating and abusing your characters. Actually, you treat them worse than me. So I don't apologize. But they still don't belong to me.

Summary:  Yeah, this story was done, but then i realized that the last bit sucked and i went back in and added another scene that doesn't actually make it suck less, but is at least less abrupt.  And then i was bored and jotted down another scene, and then another, and then when i should have been paying attention in my Race in Latin America class i finished it up.  So this fifth part is completely and utterly gratuitous and is not even pornographic enough to be worth reading.  But i'm posting it anyway.
Some of this will only make sense if you read the edits I put in part 4.

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