April 9th, 2009

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 Blogging attempt #1

Interview style:
Q: Alsike, what happened?  You made such a good showing with those movie reviews, why haven't you done anymore?
A: Well, Rhoda (yes, my imaginary interviewer is named Rhoda), it's because i don't watch enough movies.  The last movie i watched was... was... wait for it, um, Bad Santa?  Which was not my fault.  And seriously, giving that a Blechdel score?  Also, the copy i had skipped a lot during the Lauren Graham scenes, suggesting that it may have been used for masturbation.  I also watched The Thin Man, which was great!  Watch it!

Q:  Why is BBC Radio 4 is so much better than NPR?
A: The quiz shows.  Wait, wait, don't tell me, cannot compare with the News Quiz.  And Heresy.  What other station has a show that discusses (with Germaine Greer) why Obama did *not* bring hope to the world?  He did bring hope to Leftist America that armageddon was not imminent, but it's still sitting on the horizon.  And the most important reason: Cheryl Cole is never mentioned on NPR.  This is a tragic oversight.  Oh, and also: radio dramas.  I love radio dramas.

Q: Guiding Light?  Why, Al, why?
A: Bad anecdote; I got into a 'more christian than thou' situation on the CBS website.  I don't even consider myself Christian, but all these people saying 'I prayed about the Otalia storyline today, and i turn it off when my poor impressionable child is in the room,' got my hackles up.  i mean seriously, what happened to generosity and respect?  Anyway, what i learned as a Lit major was how to make a text support a point, so i gave a biblical backing to Otalia, because if it's about anything, it's about family.  And i really do respect the writers, because GL is full of bad people doing bad things.  How can kidnapping, lying and rape be less traumatizing for a child than two women who care about and protect each other?  Seriously, Ruth and Naomi anyone?

Q: No one is reading your stupid Custodian stories, why are you still writing them?
A: Because i can't stand JJ, and i need to get Emily together with Jill, but i don't make things easy on myself.  And i want to practice writing plot driven pieces.  But i'm also working on a new Law and Order fic, actually not (entirely) an AU (shockingly enough), where Casey gets lots of sex, whether she wants it or not.  I'm blaming lexus_grey  for this one too, specifically Vigilante, and i don't write Casey/Olivia, so it's something else...

Q: Best sport ever?
A: Rugby!