April 7th, 2009


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Title: Custodian 2: Black Guns on a Moonless Night (1/??)
Author: Alsike
Rating: M (But, sadly, not for eroticism)
Pairing: Still difficult, but in this volume I am working with elements of Heather/Lindsay, JJ/Emily, Claire(Alex)/Lorelai, Jill/Emily, Will/JJ... and anything else that may be read into it.
Disclaimer: Not mine, and yet, if they were, i would be just as unkind.
Warning: This, particularly the first chapter, may be difficult to understand if you have not read Custodian.  But I'm not going to force you or anything.

Summary: Jill, Emily, and Claire are sent to DC to find out what's wrong with the Cabot weapons smuggling operation.  But the wrongness may stretch from the heights of Ambassadorial Elegance to the heart of the family itself.


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